The Story of Children in Zimbabwe Encountering a UFO

4-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken form the Joe Rogan Experience #1574 with Jacques Vallée & James Fox.

  • Damn

    Salvador LucianoSalvador Luciano50 daqiqa oldin
  • Why don't people get it 😰

    joe Kennedyjoe KennedySoat oldin
  • Please bring in that former isreali head of space station and talk about what he knows

    Rahul DasRahul Das2 soat oldin
  • These tribe's welcomed them not feared them like us in the US.

    Juan GarciaJuan Garcia2 soat oldin
  • The message they got from the beings is very interesting. Are these beings foreign to Earth or from a different time?

    Edgar EspinalEdgar Espinal4 soat oldin
  • Which documentary is it ?

    CreepBustasCreepBustas4 soat oldin
  • Wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be humans fucking with common folk. Humans are such assholes...

    TheLegendaryLinxTheLegendaryLinx5 soat oldin
  • Is there a documentary about this?? I wana see it.

    David GomezDavid Gomez6 soat oldin
  • okay so does anyone know where i can find out more info on this ufo thing

    Alex TrottAlex Trott8 soat oldin
  • What’s the name of this documentary?

    Fresh ProfessorFresh Professor8 soat oldin
  • Its obvious why they choose children to talk to. Adults are clearly not the ones to talk to about that

    Kristijan HarmicarKristijan Harmicar9 soat oldin
  • I love how all these cases happen before everyone had a phone to record it. That's the one thing that bothers me about it.

    MadelineLuluMadelineLulu10 soat oldin
  • Lions and Elephants too encountered UFO in Zanzibar not Zimbabwe. lol

    Makhete FallMakhete Fall10 soat oldin
  • God I hate Joe rogan but who I'm I, just a dude lying in bed looking at the sun waiting to go to work... hhmhhm but at least I have Bill Burr hopefully he doesn't sell out.

    andre hardyandre hardy11 soat oldin
  • Was “Sir” Jimmy Savile the pilot of those UFO? 🕳🔭

    Saad AbbasSaad Abbas12 soat oldin
  • I don't agree with that guy. I believe they are a threat. My brother and his friends got abducted when I was a kid. They were all surgically operated on and later found out they have implants inside them from x-rays. Also it seems they need blood for sustenance. Which is why you see these cows dead and bone dry.

    RdawgRdawg12 soat oldin
  • I'm guessing that the aliens felt safety talking to school kids as they're less likely to shoot them.🤷

    Glenford GreenGlenford Green13 soat oldin
  • Much more ufo podcasts please please 🙏

    HardieHar 76HardieHar 7613 soat oldin
  • what's the name of this documentary

    CXTCH XXIICXTCH XXII14 soat oldin
  • its because kids are the ones who will be able to do somethings about it. They can have unity about the change that needs to take place. Adults are lost causes at that point. They were planting seeds of change in the children.

    Tom JonesTom Jones15 soat oldin
  • Maybe Joe should consider having David Paulides on his podcast

    Gordon StevensGordon Stevens16 soat oldin
  • Guy interviews a group that saw a ufo, gets hit by car. 🤔🤔🤫

    Will ParkerWill Parker21 soat oldin
  • I watched the interview video. They should have separated the children. Let them use their Own words to describe the event. The interviewers were clueless and missed many details. They they go trampling all over the scene? The kids definitely saw things.

    Kelli VKelli V21 soat oldin
  • Can anyone show me the way of the testimonials of these children? Or a name of a documentary? Thank you.

    Farah SouriFarah Souri23 soat oldin
    • The phenomenon. Honestly not as convincing as they make it seem here tho...

      CarlRadnerCarlRadner22 soat oldin
  • Is that Phil Donahue? Oh no no it looks like Frank Drebin "POLICE SQUAD!"

    ScorpwannaScorpwannaKun oldin
  • Don’t believe those little alien punks. They’re just trying to keep the human race in the technological dark ages so the invasion will be easier for them.

    Peanut BuzzardPeanut BuzzardKun oldin
  • This was a complete waste of time.

    Robert GRobert GKun oldin
  • This guy has been visited and he doesn't even know! Anything else you want to know! They they categorize them while they're playing at school on the playground they watch them grow up and determine who's going to be the leader but you don't have to believe me what do I know.

    Brando WesthaferBrando WesthaferKun oldin
  • What episode # was this ?

    Stephen LacroixStephen LacroixKun oldin
  • I simply can't believe anyone would think this really happened. If aliens are so stupid as to try and talk to 3rd world children about tech then the aliens are of no help to us.

    Ksan KhanKsan KhanKun oldin
  • I remember seeing that footage when it happened

    Jason FirewalkerJason FirewalkerKun oldin
  • Everyone right away assumes it's aliens, when it could be people from the future trying to change what happened to the earth with our current technology. If someone from the year 3500 traveled back in time to now, people would think they are aliens from space.

    ScottScottKun oldin
  • Maybe they saw the capabilities or possibilities that one of those children might create something in the future that could possibly change the entire world in a bad way so they gave him that experience to stop him at a young age?

    ToastToastKun oldin
  • Aliens: "Technology is a problem" *Using a spaceship that can travel across the universe ._.

    RicardoRicardoKun oldin
    • Technology inherently is not a problem, it’s how we’re utilising it.

      Theo BlanchTheo Blanch16 soat oldin
    • technology like phones laptops and tvs that do nothing but waste your time and brainwash you

      ssKun oldin
  • 1:32 wait what? How did he casually say that LMAO

    Qing DynastyQing DynastyKun oldin
  • Its simple logic,if you want to convey a vital message, bur want to avoid sparking mass panic or possibly a war ,forget the adults, their minds have solidified.Best bet?.plant the seed of knowledge/truth in a young fertile mind and see if it takes hold or better yet ,ensure that message goes around the world via media sources and gently infiltrates the conciousness of the species.One flaw to this theory though which would take many decades to work.We are out of time.

    Mark GwilliamMark GwilliamKun oldin
  • I thought the thumbnail was leslie Nelson lol

    cmanheman09cmanheman09Kun oldin
  • Appealing to kids about the ills of technology isn't weird or strange; they use it more than adults do, are more familiar with it than adults are. Furthermore, "the children are our future" has a ring of truth to it, so for these aliens to reach out to them ABOUT this does make sense. Just my 2 cents anyway...

    Steven CoatesSteven CoatesKun oldin
  • This is how u get brainwashed by a bs lie. These people in Zimbabwe perfected their lie over all these years ya gullible dummy. And Joe just believes WAYYYYY too much in people.

    Croscar MelloseCroscar MelloseKun oldin
  • Who is this guy? And where can I see his films?

    J BJ BKun oldin
  • I am kanye wast

    PofedPofedKun oldin
  • joe doesnt get it. they are telling children because they know children will be on earth longer than the adults and that those children are the seeds of the future. those children will see those dangerous technologies in their lifetimes. those children are the ones that will be able to stop it not the adults.

    Wesley HempoliWesley HempoliKun oldin
  • Zimbabwe my home! Love to see it!!

    teddy mhizhateddy mhizhaKun oldin
  • Anyone know what the documentary is called?

    ArthurArthur2 kun oldin
  • Where's the full episode of this?

    Matt BorelMatt Borel2 kun oldin
  • Maybe they also thought that kids were the planet’s future caretakers, so they’d want to teach them.

    Ari FisherAri Fisher2 kun oldin
  • The incident that happened at a school in Australia is the westall 66 incident.

    johnny macjohnny mac2 kun oldin
  • Joe!!! I love your podcast, but damn dude, change your room!! Straight up and down walls at least,I’m having back problems watching this, I can’t do it no more.!!!!😕

    Christopher GreenfieldChristopher Greenfield2 kun oldin
  • Crazy how people get over ufos lol. I see them all the time on the otherside of the Veil when I lucid dream and it’s a apocalypse over there where they govern. They’re probably just scouting out their next playground.

    ToniTruth ArtToniTruth Art2 kun oldin

    Lawrence BurkettLawrence Burkett2 kun oldin
  • I'd like to know how I can see these videos or interviews or film. Cause they sound incredible.

    Eleazar GarciaEleazar Garcia2 kun oldin
  • Me and a friend saw a ufo fly over head low down queen street in Brisbane 2016

    J WJ W2 kun oldin
  • What’s the name of the documentary?

    D HaleD Hale2 kun oldin
  • When joe Rogan and ufo in same sentence you have to stop and watch

    greffett1969greffett19692 kun oldin
  • CIA released its UFO documents now in January 2021. Need new episode on podcast on that topic!

    04-F WYZ804-F WYZ82 kun oldin
  • If they study us they probably talked to the kids becuz that's the future

    Catch my VibeCatch my Vibe2 kun oldin
  • Is there am actual video of them interviewing these kids? Seems like something worth watching

    DarkSide RiderDarkSide Rider2 kun oldin
  • It's crazy that we belived ,or still most of us belive, that we humans are the most intelligent spezies out there, but in reality there are beeings that observe us for a looong long time(if you think back to the ancient drawings) but still they do not attack us. From the moment on when an intelligent spezies can resist terretorial and aggressive behavior/instincts and manage to have a food source, than they are more advanced than humans(in my opinion). But maybe JUST MAYBE through evolution we can resist that behavior and live together as one nation. Peace

    O1DA 22O1DA 222 kun oldin
  • Spotify not available in Zimbabwe.

    Steve BlomefieldSteve Blomefield2 kun oldin
  • This is all bullshit

    Yeye wazzupYeye wazzup2 kun oldin
  • I Live in Zim I have that story tons of times in the story books I thought it was all fake

    Tavonga RushwayaTavonga Rushwaya2 kun oldin
  • I doubt that the aliens thought the kids were adults, they were probably just reaching out to a young generation that is still innocent enough and open-minded enough to understand a warning that they were giving them about what we are doing to our planet with our technology.

    Rich B.Rich B.2 kun oldin
  • I got abducted by aliens as a 7 year old kid

    chester clarkechester clarke2 kun oldin
  • probably the best place to do it from ETs point of view

    chester clarkechester clarke2 kun oldin
  • If Joe reads this it's because they know the children will control the future and us adults will be dead

    Jason SperlingJason Sperling2 kun oldin
  • ah yes , he died

    DiamondCaliGamerDiamondCaliGamer2 kun oldin
  • Cause the aliens knew they were the future

    brad keysterbrad keyster3 kun oldin
  • This is the most compelling firsthand account of alien existence I know of. Either these kids saw what they say they did, or every single one of them is more talented than Robert Deniro himself.

    Justin BonerJustin Boner3 kun oldin
  • It seems very calculated with a motive in my eyes! I don’t think they should be underestimated and joe saying do you think they knew they where talking to kids diminishes that fact they fucking landed a spacecraft on inside a school field and communicated telepathically 😂😂😂 wtf like they know about technologies and are wayyyy more advance then us they know they where kids joe

    Zara_95xZara_95x3 kun oldin
  • We as humans ,We don't .make friends with each others ..Are we ready for UFOS?

    Morgiana EtienneMorgiana Etienne3 kun oldin
  • If aliens want to change humans you start with influencing the kids. Must have learnt it from coca cola.

    Aydin MisiriAydin Misiri3 kun oldin
  • Documentary link please!!!!

  • Children won't go buckwild when having an alien talk to them. Change happens through the Chidren

    Ghostdog4Ghostdog43 kun oldin
  • so advanced beings used their advanced technology to come and tell us not to advance our technology .. these aliens sound like regular hypocrites!

    M JLM JL3 kun oldin
  • This is just cultural bias. We don’t know who or what these things are, or that they’re not a threat. I personally think they’re diabolical in origin

    RadioFreeAmericaRadioFreeAmerica3 kun oldin
    • @aris B They want our souls

      RadioFreeAmericaRadioFreeAmerica2 kun oldin
    • If they exist and be able to contact us, start thinking what is the main reason humans do an expedition in the first place? They want our resources, like the europian and their colony.. they already capable of traveling that far so it's safe to assume their technology is more advanced than us and their military is probably exceptional.. if they're here, it can't be for a peaceful cause and building a coalition, it's to rule over us.. coz let's face it, no nation ever willing to spend so much resources for the benefit of others, so why should they be any different.. they would look at us just like how the european look at the indians back then, bunch of cheap workers ready for purchase, it's a war we cannot win.. but lucky for us such contact never happened, or is it?

      aris Baris B2 kun oldin
  • What is this film/ documentary called?

    Jack FrostJack Frost3 kun oldin
  • That Zimbabwe incident, honorable Greys telepathically whining about technology while galactically hovering around with their's. Somethings don't add up, there's something fishy about existence on earth.

    Tevfik Oben ÖzelTevfik Oben Özel3 kun oldin
    • We were created to advance...It’s about how they use the advancement of technology...

      Darnell TubbsDarnell Tubbs2 kun oldin
  • Mind blowing

    Michael HelmsMichael Helms3 kun oldin
  • Conformal coating🤜🤛

    Huckaberry FpVHuckaberry FpV3 kun oldin
  • The PHENOMENON Amazon Prime.

    Chase_View_Racing VRChase_View_Racing VR3 kun oldin
  • They probably saw a drone or helicopter for the first time in their life.

    Nostalgia AddictNostalgia Addict3 kun oldin
  • Is this old crazy ufo joe or current joe

    Kgw100Kgw1004 kun oldin
  • when ever an intelligent professor who might be getting close to the truth has an unfortunate accident where he gets run over by a car for not looking in the right direction... i get suspicious :D

    muhammad jawad zahidmuhammad jawad zahid4 kun oldin
  • “Tasq fwourśe”

    Tony MazzoniTony Mazzoni4 kun oldin
  • I feel like the aliens will be doom demons from Mars

    Jesus MonteagudoJesus Monteagudo4 kun oldin
    • That's what a lot of scientists are actually claiming

      Almedin AganovicAlmedin Aganovic3 kun oldin
  • If you Want to change the mind of People , do you go after the Adults ... old .... already set in thier ways ...... OR !!!! Do you seek out the Kids , the next generation ........ put it in thier head , and they will grow up with those idea's . If i were Aliens dropping in to help out with say Water polution ...... id talk to the kids , the next generation .... not the generation already making money off a fked up problem your trying to help turn around.

    Dn ByDn By4 kun oldin
  • It is 72 degrees in that room, what is that distracting me.

    nathan raynathan ray4 kun oldin
  • #bitchmaid Joe"experience"Rogan

    TranceReligionTranceReligion4 kun oldin
  • Based Ted Kaczynski aliens

    NormandieVisualNormandieVisual4 kun oldin
  • The australia one is crazy when you look into it

    Darkness essDarkness ess4 kun oldin
  • Kids are the future and that’s why aliens chose them

    Alex PovAlex Pov4 kun oldin
  • Bull shit, what do they look like?

    Prophet !Prophet !4 kun oldin
  • Were can I find the documentry

    thatkidvibethatkidvibe4 kun oldin
  • joe thinking that maybe aliens thought school children were adults is funny af

    TheUnknownTheUnknown4 kun oldin
    • My hypothesis is only children can encounter them and not lose their minds. If you arent religious, and an adult, you would shit yourself and probably go mad after an encounter like this

      LtRiotLtRiot18 soat oldin
    • "I mean this is all speculation right" cracked me up

      Fernando QuintanaFernando QuintanaKun oldin
  • I guarantee one thing.. they didn't come here from another planet or star system. Interdimensional

    Ryan WaldropRyan Waldrop4 kun oldin
  • How can I watch this documentary they’re talking about?

    EatShredSleep87EatShredSleep874 kun oldin
  • the aliens agree with Ted Kaczynski that technology is bad for humans. the unabomber was right

    uchibenkeiuchibenkei4 kun oldin
  • One of these kids works for Barstool now. Zah is his name

    William ShepardWilliam Shepard4 kun oldin
  • Jacques Valle has fascinating insight, but I’m not buying his damn book.

    Francisco Mendez SosaFrancisco Mendez Sosa4 kun oldin
  • "There is no way that a mass landing with the sheer volume of eye witness testimony at a school in broad day light could happen and the whole world not know about it" very condescending don't you think. Who is the world? Where is Africa located if the whole world didn't know about it?

    Thabani ChagiThabani Chagi4 kun oldin