Todd White on Going From SpongeBob to High Art

26-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1584 with Todd White.

  • I get my thrills from other places. I don’t want them in relationships. - Joe Rogan

    Anthony SosciaAnthony Soscia2 kun oldin
  • This dude is super relatable to me. This one will be worth watching on Spotify to me

    Brant AllenBrant Allen2 kun oldin
  • "Dames is such a great word" Joe Rogan gushing at literal cringe. The dude is almost 95% certain to wear a fedora because he thinks its "classy"

    MrDeathtowerMrDeathtower3 kun oldin
  • that jacket story is AWESOME ❤️

    JohnstasBACKJohnstasBACK4 kun oldin
  • It's crazy that joe's never really seen spongebob bruh

    TheGoobstersTheGoobsters4 kun oldin
  • Squidword would be proud

    Ask why?Ask why?6 kun oldin
  • How does a massive stoner not know sponge bob?

    seedyrom247seedyrom2476 kun oldin
  • I was offended by Joe when you was talking about SpongeBob

    Darth Vader123Darth Vader1236 kun oldin
  • Wtf is high art

    Cash UrbanCash Urban7 kun oldin
  • 💯

    Salvador LucianoSalvador Luciano8 kun oldin
  • Pretty sad Joe didn’t know Spongebob was under water

    DBKai GamingDBKai Gaming8 kun oldin
  • Look up Al Hirschfeld. Best caricaturist ever.

    ArgentAbendAzureArgentAbendAzure10 kun oldin
  • he's got the same black ring as joe's. is it a jiu-jitsu thing?

    blashuvecblashuvec10 kun oldin
  • Joe didn't know spongebob was underwater .... what the fuck.....

    Gregor CarlinGregor Carlin10 kun oldin
  • 900th comment 😎

    Philo X NarakaPhilo X Naraka10 kun oldin
  • im gonna go cry on a bowl of turlte-dove stew and when i wake up its gonna be stuck to my forhead and

    MalekPineconeMalekPinecone11 kun oldin
  • His shit is trash like white people trying to draw anime

    Adam McintoshAdam Mcintosh11 kun oldin
  • "Bubble Guppies"

    bingus boongusbingus boongus12 kun oldin
  • Weird how popular of a last name White is.... My buddy that lives near me and has a far better life than me despite having the same name as me, has that last name, known him since I was 12 or 13, same age as me but shit he was learning grade 6 while I was in grade 9 lol, but eh girls love boys born into the money and who arent that bright, cause they always judge you on intelligence or money.. if you're to smart.. they'll believe you'll cheat on them.. If you got my name.. shit you're judged right off the bat.. thanks to society giving it a bad rep

    Your Daddy.Your Daddy.12 kun oldin
  • Outside Outside cmon everybody outside.

    Jacobey22Jacobey2213 kun oldin
  • Today I learned I'm a low-brow idiot.

    ApexApex13 kun oldin
  • I listened to this.. That's not the painting i imagined, that looks like Bratz or LOLZ style shit. What type of man would want that as art?

    T ObeT Obe13 kun oldin
  • Car... Toon... Ish.

    Carlos GonzalezCarlos Gonzalez14 kun oldin
  • This guys looks like an artist 👨‍🎨

    GimmeDaLOOT 23GimmeDaLOOT 2314 kun oldin
  • His art is garbage. What a grift. "High art"

    Darin StallingsDarin Stallings14 kun oldin
    • SpongeBob is high art. Arguably the greatest cartoon show ever.

      Diego VelazquezDiego Velazquez11 kun oldin
  • No wonder I couldn't watch spongebob after the artwork changed..

    GianCarlo0910GianCarlo091015 kun oldin
  • damn i’ve never even heard of this dude he seems cool as fuck

    JoeyJoey15 kun oldin
  • His work on SpongeBob is an infinite times better than his "high art"

    C.L. ThurmanC.L. Thurman15 kun oldin
  • OOOOOOOOOOOOO ! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea ?

    GandalfdawyteniggaGandalfdawytenigga16 kun oldin
  • I’m taking his jacket 🤣😉

    LRB GamesLRB Games16 kun oldin
  • Americans call this art.. it’s not its kitsch

    Jelle CnossenJelle Cnossen16 kun oldin
  • tacky as hell

    j Deej Dee16 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan not knowing about spongebob broke my heart

    john smithjohn smith17 kun oldin
  • "Jacket" awesome story. 👌

    GraphicalBossGraphicalBoss17 kun oldin
  • Never heard of this artist, but from this interview alone and his stories; I'm in it, I must acquire a painting of his now.

    WLGTWLGT17 kun oldin
  • Joe’s performance in this video is a C at best

    C JerseyC Jersey18 kun oldin
  • I can’t find this episode is it not uploaded yet?

    XoxozXoxoz18 kun oldin
  • Joe can be very stupid at times lol

    Indigo SilhouetteIndigo Silhouette19 kun oldin
  • respect to this fella. big hespect!

    The KrossThe Kross19 kun oldin
  • tiny toons hell yes

    The KrossThe Kross19 kun oldin
  • spongebob was soooooo trippy

    The KrossThe Kross19 kun oldin
  • OMG, he's sooooo sweet!!!! 🤗 Thank you for your art!!! 🧀🍷🎨🖌️

    Brit SehnsuchtBrit Sehnsucht19 kun oldin
  • Hire me please I want to get down

    Shakkar ZimmermanShakkar Zimmerman19 kun oldin
  • Wow that was the gayest jerkoff session ever

    GhostGnadsDudeGhostGnadsDude19 kun oldin
  • Vaccination | Great Rest | Robert F Kennedy Jr | ?fdngn

    Joshua LindsayJoshua Lindsay19 kun oldin
  • Knee Spongebob was high art when I saw Handsome Squidward

    Yung_wiseYung_wise20 kun oldin
  • I hope I end up half as successful as this guy as an art student. I’m probably gonna also get a business degree as well just to be safe, open a business and do art on the side as a second job.

    ClaustroflowbicClaustroflowbic20 kun oldin
  • Spongebob is high art.

    peter koetjepeter koetje20 kun oldin
  • Hidden by your gay bandana" 😂😂😂😂

    Cpt. TrippsCpt. Tripps21 kun oldin
  • Sponge 🧽 Bob is a masterpiece. Funny as F. Son.........I’m 49 years old.

    Unstable GeniusUnstable Genius21 kun oldin
  • Just watched an hour+ long video on 'skin theory' so I'm not even surprised. Spongebob was a genius show

    MrHimyhimyMrHimyhimy21 kun oldin
  • Cool story about the jacket.

    Alwayzchillin07Alwayzchillin0721 kun oldin
  • He worked for spongebob? Say less. I’m an instant fan

    Matt De LeonMatt De Leon21 kun oldin
  • My gf brought up a show she used to watch when she was a kid I retorted with "I wouldn't know. I only used to watch real manly shows when I was a kid, like Spongebob."

    KROGANKROGAN21 kun oldin
  • Joe sounds like such a geezer trying to be cool saying “Dope”.

    GBLynden's Random ReviewsGBLynden's Random Reviews21 kun oldin
  • Is this the real artist behind the amazing ‘bold and brash’?

    SampsonSampson21 kun oldin
  • Spongebob does coke or K or both

    SoyBoy69SoyBoy6921 kun oldin
  • He bought a town home in Valencia... I just bought a town home in Valencia!

    MikeCharlieAlphaMikeCharlieAlpha21 kun oldin
  • Todd white just wanted to talk about himself the whole never listened just kept seeing how he could apply what joe was saying to talk about himself

    Jon RonJon Ron21 kun oldin
  • Follow me on TikTok so you know when I am LIVE next ❤ . Relaxing handpan sounds, Great for Yoga/Meditation ❤ LOVE YOU ALL ❤ .

    Greg MatchettGreg Matchett22 kun oldin
  • Properly speaking this is not art this is illustration. A fine art painting "grapples" with visual problems of surfaces; visual arrangement; and content. Here we find work that has little consideration of any of these issues. The work could be said to address content or meaning in that it has an element of social commentary but only to the extent this issue is commonly addressed in illustration. For example compare this work to that of George Grosz or Otto Dix. Both of the artists I mentioned grapple with similar content as Mr. White but they do so in a fine art manner not as illustration. Make the comparison I suggest and you will agree that this is not art it is illustration..

    THINGYTHINGY22 kun oldin
  • For real tho, kaws’ spongebob painting sold for around 10 million dollars at auction

    stlslowninjastlslowninja22 kun oldin
  • High art is not what I expected it to be

    Daniel WoodDaniel Wood22 kun oldin
  • Ut oh... joe said gay bandana... the censorship nazis will find this

    Ray LanzaRay Lanza22 kun oldin
  • Spotify only made me unsubscribe. GL joe

    PureGoobPureGoob22 kun oldin
  • Hows he not gonna bring up the fact that SpongeBobs address is epstines Islands address

    Outer Dimension ProductionsOuter Dimension Productions22 kun oldin
  • Bold and brash

    Qoevi -.Qoevi -.22 kun oldin
  • What I noticed is he doesn’t draw black characters. Is that because we don’t exist in art? Humpf

    Danger MouseDanger Mouse22 kun oldin
  • The old Spongebob episodes did feel really alive

    Hikaze YattisHikaze Yattis22 kun oldin
  • Surely Spongebob is the epitome of "high" art? Those cunts had to be high af when the came up with that...

    ian smithian smith22 kun oldin
  • Damn Joe hurt his feelings at 7:28

    Matthew BermudezMatthew Bermudez22 kun oldin
  • Those paintings are terrible

    Nitro SpiceNitro Spice22 kun oldin
  • "hidden by your ghey bandana" instantly realises he could be get some backlash, " its not ghey"

    Tayler WadeTayler Wade22 kun oldin
  • What is high art put up on a pedestal and low art looked down upon?

    UFOesUFOes22 kun oldin
  • you both need to watch Avatar the last airbender series lol

    Simple RickSimple Rick22 kun oldin
  • Joe’s ignorance towards spongebob is actually painful. I would’ve been asking a million questions about what it was like to design the spongebob characters and if any of his designs made it to the show

    Chris BealChris Beal22 kun oldin
  • Who lives in a pineapple under the sea, Joe?

    Sam TapiaSam Tapia22 kun oldin
  • The sponge rogan experience

    a99t33a99t3322 kun oldin
  • 4:47 When you accidentally put your thumb in front of the camera lens

    Luis PedrozaLuis Pedroza22 kun oldin
  • I gotta know what happened with that jacket and the kid. If Todd gave it to him, how’d he get it back?

    Giovanni GarciaGiovanni Garcia22 kun oldin
  • Is he the voice of SpongeBob also? 🍍

    JP KJP K22 kun oldin
  • Oh my god this guy is stinky poop poo

    Harrison MorrowHarrison Morrow22 kun oldin
  • Sponge to high art...looks at painting..."the one on the far right is going to "%$& ur friends"

    Jordan demetriJordan demetri22 kun oldin
  • "Women were dames" not the best thing to say in today's world lol

    Jordan demetriJordan demetri22 kun oldin
  • I heard there was a bunch Dicks drawn into SpongeBob... TRUE OR FALSE???

    xPHATSNAPSxxPHATSNAPSx22 kun oldin
  • Spongebob is the greatest kids cartoon of all time, how does joe not know anything about it!

    Austin GreenAustin Green22 kun oldin
  • “So he lives in a pineapple under the sea... fascinating”

    Dean GregoryDean Gregory22 kun oldin
  • “Men were men and women were dames.” Literally no woman would be caught fantasizing about that time. You can tell you’re with two old white men.

    Cooper MorrellCooper Morrell22 kun oldin
  • Joe rogan hasent watched fucking spongebob... THE FUCK!?

    Damian LambDamian Lamb22 kun oldin
    • Get high and watch it Joe lmao

      Damian LambDamian Lamb22 kun oldin
  • Damn that Jacket story is awesome

    Chameleon GodChameleon God22 kun oldin
  • I feel like Spongebob has a lot of low art, but if you examine a lot of the situations the stories create and how characters in the show act, it makes loads of really interesting points and for me at least gives some pretty deep insights.

    electrouser5electrouser522 kun oldin
  • joe throwing shade from the start

    mr bigglesworthmr bigglesworth22 kun oldin
  • One word, wisp.

    Daniel ZerichDaniel Zerich22 kun oldin
  • I’m gonna dominate the world with my art. I’m gonna make it, watch. Y’all heard it here first folks

    Igor LukyanIgor Lukyan22 kun oldin
  • Joe so lame he dont even know spongebob my god

    elijah perezdufaultelijah perezdufault22 kun oldin
  • Uses the word "gay" bandana. That was low.

    Ben BrownBen Brown22 kun oldin
  • Only on spotyify? How about no - long time listener

    Kristjan PressKristjan Press22 kun oldin
  • finger with headphones at 5:34

    jakobejakobe22 kun oldin
  • Bro.. you don’t call a respectable mans outfit gay.. low blow

    JP OrtegaJP Ortega22 kun oldin
  • Joe "spongebob lives underwater?" Rogaine

    CrucifixCrucifix22 kun oldin