What Dallas Was Like During the JFK Assassination

5-Yan, 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1588 with Lawrence Wright. open.spotify.com/episode/0qbecQfkEbDavPaDv7EzHN?si=9fExwuZ_SJe5d0yeFIZlqw

  • We need you back to full episodes on UZworld Joe... Short clips not in favor much. Video is better then just audio.

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  • Joe Rogan is also a soy.

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  • What a soy

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  • He definitely laughed

    Zico MoneyZico Money2 kun oldin
  • Dallas is still very conformity driven, judgy and oppressive. It's the Basic Bee Capital of the US.

    Holly LairdHolly Laird2 kun oldin
  • Kennedy was hated in Dallas because he wasn't racist

    ConorConor3 kun oldin
  • Can you guys turn the volume tf down at the end god damn.

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  • Hi! My name is What? My name is Who? My name is Chika-chika Slim Jaime

  • Put the full videos of your podcast back on UZworld. I would rather watch AND hear rather than JUST hear. I’m not gonna use Spotify so I guess I’ll never listen to your shit again......

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  • White, liberal guilty is eating this guy up.👎🏻

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  • What a bunch of bullshit 😂😂😂😂

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  • Love to see that Rogan is giving a middle finger to 10 million of his subscribers in UZworld , just unsubscribe you low key scam artist Rogan one day you are going to be looking for that 10 millions

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  • What happened to Rogan Podcasts ? Did be charged with fellow Americans to the capitol that's why he had no time posting the full episode's 😂😂😂American Dream my ass

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  • "your guy can find it" ...lol

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  • Biden and Harris better have good security.

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  • Sounds like history is repeating...... cia is at it again

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  • JFK was a huge black widow spider and he was happy as he'll the assassin blew 2 toads out of his head that had enslaved him that puny puff was a 🐸 JFK got back up and thank me gave a long speech in his limo about his new won freedom. Well that's zoo logic different from your prima fascia crap.

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  • Texas still keeps the hate in yankees up to this day,, wonder if Joe ever realize this as a yankee 😂😂

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  • The New JRE Clips... Joe, You need to honor your word and reopen your channel. Otherwise, you look like a sell out. FULL EPISODES!!!!!

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  • JFK was taken out by the people in charge today. Pull that shit up

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  • This guy! Laughing and Gaping.

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  • The Illuminati killed him made the wanted posters and made him look bad so people would be happy when they killed him

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  • Nobody cares about the laughing or dream lol wtf

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  • Guy is bat shit crazy sounding

  • He's 73

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  • Who gives a fuck whether he laughed or not

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  • vm.tiktok.com/ZMJ7umFqY/ please look at this.

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  • Grew up in Dallas, my family is from this area. My family being conservative, still mourned his killing. It almost didn't happen here, it was almost Chicago's legacy - www.22november1963.org.uk/jfk-assassination-plot-chicago kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/the-three-failed-plots-to-kill-jfk-the-historians-guide-on-how-to-research-his-assassination

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  • Oswald was a communist. Lol

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  • I saw this man talking about how he thinks texas is better because all the Californians are moving there and he Hope's they change texas to be more like California.. I'm from england and I can see that's a bad idea 😂😂

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  • Who is this guy who looks like Bill Clinton & who makes a positive & laughs at JFKs head blown back off the top of his head in front of America our children & Gods children , who is this person who laughs ????????

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  • America under siege, & 60 years of placing Nazis & Bankers in Key positions of power !

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  • JFK shot from the lead car in front of him, through the front windshield!

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  • Bush senior on the streets of Dallas that fateful day ,

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  • They should have specified in the Wanted Ad that they meant ALIVE.

    Salvador RodriguezSalvador Rodriguez9 kun oldin
  • Dallas is becoming a liberal hive so I don’t know why he’s proud of “what it’s become”.

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  • This guys brain is going mush. Biden style. Mutation sucks.

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  • Anyone else getting that fan noise? Jamie come on dude. Sort it out

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  • The kids laughed because their parents had taught them to dislike a person to that level.

    Birder JohnBirder John10 kun oldin
  • Joe, you should definitely have Robert Kennedy Jr. on your podcast. That would be awesome.

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  • Good thing UZworld puts a ‘context’ banner about Kennedy beneath this clip just in case you have any thoughts that don’t fit what google deems correct.

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  • i doubt binladen biden will ever go to Dallas lol

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  • Hu$tleTown TX

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  • they are in a paradise or the illusion of one, they trolled me on the this side, made sure I was marginal.

    BRAd From The Valley Bradley TurnhamBRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham10 kun oldin
  • Why did his own people's take him out that's my question why he was a great man but other people's did not like his thoughts his common views this is what is so horrible or sad

    Shakkar ZimmermanShakkar Zimmerman10 kun oldin
  • Come home Joe

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  • Please please please can we have the full length videos of the podcast back on UZworld? even if they are delayed by a few days.

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  • My dad was in college when John F Kennedy was assassinated and he told me that the very initial news report was that the governor of Texas was killed and Kennedy was just wounded.... My dad remarked now with remorse that on hearing the news in real time he said too bad it was not the other way around....

    Steven RichardsSteven Richards10 kun oldin
  • At the current rate we may find out again. Hopefully not

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  • feel free to talk about TRUMP-BIDEN situation here: uzworld.info/player/video/goy5pcttdMzcgnw

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  • I remember when the planes hit the first tower my grade 6 teacher came storming in. Told us to shut up and that America was attacked.

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  • cartoon

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  • Joe, IT IS OVER. Stop wasting time and MOVE TO BANNED. We all miss you. Edit: I'm saying give back the racks and tell Spotify to eat dicks.

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  • UZworld be like hErE's ThE cOnTeXt ThOuGh

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  • The hatred towards Dallas was wrong. It would kind of be like the world hating NY for 9/11 or Hawaii for Pearl Harbor or DC for the assassination of Lincoln.

    Man PMan P10 kun oldin
  • I disagree that Dallas was humbled by the experience and is a different place now because of the event. I’m from the Dallas area and the assassination really isn’t talked about much in schools. Most people here haven’t visited 6th floor museum. It’s a fascination for tourists. But for people who live here, the city has changed so much economically and visually(most of the old downtown buildings have since been demolished and replaced) that no one really feels a connection to the historical Dallas. It’s a different place because of the blistering pace of economic growth and new construction, not because a president got whacked here a half century ago.

    tomcat8662tomcat866210 kun oldin
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  • Hypnosis, dream regression... That's was a bunch of woo-woo bullshit. I lived in Dallas for 8 years and I travelled all over Texas for work. Dallas was not too bad as far as rigid compliance to theistic values compared to the rest of Texas, save Austin which is liberal stronghold. I was moderately conservative at the time and I liked Austin a lot. Mt political outlook has changed, especially after yesterday, and I think I could live in Dallas again, but I would far prefer Austin. Joe made a good choice. They are far more open minded there.

    TXGUNNER!TXGUNNER!10 kun oldin
  • Never underestimate the ignorance of childhood. I was a freshman or sophomore in high school when 911 happened, and me and alot of kids were cracking jokes the entire day like walking around singing queens "another one bites the dust" only replacing another one with World Trade Center bit the dust".

  • Watch at 240p or lower and this dudes mouth seems to never move

  • Why did the Dallasians hate Kennedy?

    Dániel PalágyiDániel Palágyi10 kun oldin
  • You know whats a really good way to hypnotise someone?....listen to this guy speaking

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  • What up Joe!

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  • I remember on 9/11 during my freshman year of high school a girl in my class said “oh my god this so cool nothing like this ever happens” Never forgot that for some reason

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  • The literate racing thessaly warm because season exceptionally repair including a noisy nose. aberrant, cut care

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  • Everybody has their own take on the JFK thing now thinking about it he probally just screwed some millionaires wife and he had it in for him and took him out. That's my theory. And yeah maybe he did have a pansy or two in the pocket. Or maybe it was somebody in government or the f.b.i. or whatever he just double crossed. But I think a female was involved most likely. And a little money.

    Eye 2 EyeEye 2 Eye10 kun oldin
  • *Shout out to the Wikipedia 'Conspiracy Context' Box...* 🙄

    Finance OptimumFinance Optimum10 kun oldin
  • I had a different experience during the JFK assassin , I’m a native from Fort Worth and I saw people with tears in their eyes ....

    A.D. GreenA.D. Green10 kun oldin
  • Spotify sucks Joe! I've yet to watch a full episode because the app sucks so bad I can't sit through it. Get it fixed, I miss you man!

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  • The woman killed in the capitol building they are trying to force that she was a victim. She had a weapon

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  • Thanks fo anything ya still drop on UZworld

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  • Wtf is this guy 70 years old wtf

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  • dont like Spotify

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  • Worst guest on JRE

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  • Is he not gonna upload his full podcasts on UZworld anymore ?

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  • Man he looks amazing for a 73 year old he looks like he just turned 50 or some shit

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  • Wow what a lie.

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  • Yaboy been under some Mk ultra helmet

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  • Why does this mans mouth not match his speech..

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  • Not sure what's more weird....that he may have laughed at JFK getting killed,...or that he gave a shit enough to wanna get hypnotized to find out in adulthood 😂. Bruh, who gives af

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    • Indeed, weird af

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  • Anyone know a good way to get the Spotify out of the tread of your boots?

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  • The guy doesn't know how old he is, said he was 13.....Lawrence Wright (born August 2, 1947)

    J SeeJ See11 kun oldin
    • just saying Peckerwood

      J SeeJ See9 kun oldin
    • That doesn't matter. What matters is did he or did he not laugh that tragic day.

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  • Young Jamie with the Stealth Search 😎

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  • Fuck this trash. I have missed every pod since the transition but one, Kevin Hart.... I caved to spotify. Praise Allah OutToLunch.

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  • Hey Rogan, what do think now about the guy you voted for President , huh? You got your toxic masculinity in action today violating our sacred secular places. The alex jones, trumps and others who are responsible for a great number of idiots believing all sorts of stupid conspiracies are the people you support.

    Pepo CogeprietaPepo Cogeprieta11 kun oldin
  • And people still trying to tell me the country is the most divided ever... Even though we’ve literally had a civil war and multiple presidents assassinated by citizens.

    DecaturQue13DecaturQue1311 kun oldin
  • History shows the world has always been fucked up and today’s fucked-upness is nothing special.

    robbiepeterhrobbiepeterh11 kun oldin
  • bad interview

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  • In Summary: What Dallas Was Like During the JFK Assassination? Racist What Dallas Was Like Before the JFK Assassination? Racist What Dallas Is Like Today After JFK and Lincoln Assassination? Racist

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  • That tanning room is hot, he's really red.

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  • Spotify sucks dude..

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  • Super boring podcast...spotify is a horrible tech platform

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  • This guy is so long winded damn get to the point!

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  • Went from JFK assassination to Hypnotizing dentist in the first 2 minutes. I learned nothing new from Stuttering Stanley in this clip, matter of fact this guy goes on tangents in between the topic and just jumbles everything together.

    Chad HarrisChad Harris11 kun oldin
  • Is Joe Rogan happy with what's going on in D.C? Stop hiding behind the same old tropes of "I'm an idiot" and "I'm a comedian" you share the responsibility for this...

    donners304donners30411 kun oldin
    • Not even close.

      Lucas O'heyzeLucas O'heyze2 kun oldin
  • Trump supporters what happened ??? Loosers are waving confederate flags really believe trump won...pathetic

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  • when will johnny depp be on the podcast?

    Adam ThiessenAdam Thiessen11 kun oldin
  • I mean kids today would laugh if Obama died. Same if trump would die. I think kennedy was polarzing enough that folks would be happy.

    Pete JPete J11 kun oldin
  • VAXICIDE.com The end of the population explosion (since 1927) began in 1963 (the year after the world's peek population growth rate happened)...But to put and end to the exponential population growth, the big boys (elite) had to first get rid of JFK, MLK, RFK (and others)!

    PittBirdPittBird11 kun oldin
  • So he went and got hypnotized to remember if he laughed as a kid when the president got killed bruh 🤦‍♂️

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