What Did Bill Gates Say About COVID Vaccine Side Effects?

3-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1573 with Matthew Yglesias. open.spotify.com/episode/0JwtEENqDW0DbpNRHh7ekh?si=ucLSwSGLR_2EqMu4SlFpvg

  • Praise the good man BIll Gates embrace his works on microsoft and xbox, Dont be rude to him please guys.

    pooh bear chikchipooh bear chikchi31 daqiqa oldin
  • Bill should take the vaccine and his family first

    matshego Lekubumatshego Lekubu38 daqiqa oldin
  • This is the ONLY vax in HISTORY that ALTERS YOUR DNA. So NO thanks, I'll PASS on being a Human LAB RAT

    Mountain LaceMountain Lace39 daqiqa oldin
  • And you listen to Jaba the hut

    Bedobaba DoBedobaba Do40 daqiqa oldin
  • 30 people have died in Sweden alone

    Ollie BOllie B42 daqiqa oldin
    • ...from the vaccine

      Ollie BOllie B42 daqiqa oldin
  • You don't get sick. Come on. I know several people now who has gotten the vaccine, and they didn't get sick!

    Mariamaija Amélie KristiansenMariamaija Amélie Kristiansen53 daqiqa oldin
  • Fat Joe has changed a lot during the pandemic.

    sill billsill bill59 daqiqa oldin
  • Every time Bill is being interviewed he reaches for his cuppa, it’s a distraction mechanism. And comes across as being arrogant. Has anyone else ever noticed this before.

    VettyWooVettyWooSoat oldin
  • everyone here probably ate something today approved by the fda

    brandon riosbrandon riosSoat oldin
  • Gates and his cup prop....

    Paul Mc CarronPaul Mc CarronSoat oldin
  • Why are ppl listnin to BG about vaccines?

    P Mac CP Mac CSoat oldin
  • This entire conversation is BS. The one guy is determined to talk about apples and the other is determined to talk about oranges.

    N ON OSoat oldin
  • Why is bill gates even talking to us about medical information?! ??? Like should I add more ???? Here is some more ??????

    Keagen EóganachtaKeagen EóganachtaSoat oldin
  • The fact that him and his wife said that indigenous and black people should be priority lost me there.

    luis Castilloluis CastilloSoat oldin
  • Joe, stop triggering your guest!! If he gets any more excited he'll only be audible to dogs!!!!!

    Jon HunterJon HunterSoat oldin
  • Bro you are a joke,long term side effects,that what he dont know sbout,no one nows,that shit is for the white people bro,you all been doing tomuch, plandamic, population control, dont act dum

    Kingston VillaKingston VillaSoat oldin
  • Joes guest ' I don't know, I'm totally ignorant to everything your saying buuuut... Take the vaccines '

    RobertRobertSoat oldin
  • When joe hates his guest

    J PeezieJ PeezieSoat oldin
  • bill gates is a psychopath

    kaviermusickaviermusic2 soat oldin
    • Bill Gates is an Archon.

      who doctorwho doctor49 daqiqa oldin
  • How about people don't want to be forced to do anything ?

    Thomas HolemanThomas Holeman2 soat oldin
  • Not dangerous for how long? This vaccine as had very little time to be tested for safety and effectiveness. FDA gold standard of regulators decided by who? Some people really don't understand the system at all, it's very sad to see the sheeple buying into this B.S. .

    Anita CarrierAnita Carrier2 soat oldin
  • The UK just blocked people in the U.K from getting the second dose.

    Kevin MiddletonKevin Middleton2 soat oldin
  • Gates appears to be lying out his arse. Would like to have someone read his body language.

    Kevin MiddletonKevin Middleton2 soat oldin
  • Im to kind I will give my shot to bill gates.

    Bright DiamondBright Diamond2 soat oldin
  • I’ll buy you a shot vaccine boy

    Back Handed ComplimentsBack Handed Compliments2 soat oldin
  • Don’t take the vaccine. Go ahead. No one is making you do it.

    zokotu ckikazuzokotu ckikazu3 soat oldin
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhh stfu

    Back Handed ComplimentsBack Handed Compliments3 soat oldin
  • Why is Bill Gates the poster boy for vaccines.

    Martin SiedleckiMartin Siedlecki3 soat oldin
    • Because the Elites are terrified.

      who doctorwho doctor48 daqiqa oldin

    Norman PlombeNorman Plombe3 soat oldin
  • Vite D you get when you are outside in the sun your body makes it when the nice hot sun bakes on you so stop fucking hiding in your houses under aircons that makes you weak even for hot days i can work ouside in the sun even in the deep 3o degrees then your body makes you nice vite d

    waldo coetzeewaldo coetzee3 soat oldin
  • Who knew that my Vitamin D treated seasonal depression was key to helping me fight off Covid!

    bucketofcrowsbucketofcrows3 soat oldin
  • That's crazy about the vitamin D because I always heard when people eat peppers they drink milk to coat there throat and stomach to protect it

    Lou SasoulLou Sasoul4 soat oldin
  • I took the vaccine the other day and felt so bad the next day that i couldnt get out of bed. It cleared up the day after but it was really rough. Not looking forward to getting the booster in a few weeks

    Patrick FrawleyPatrick Frawley4 soat oldin
  • I question Joe's motives when he brings ppl like this guy on his show. Why, so we see he's having these types on to balance out the podcast lol

    HeatPacker1222HeatPacker12224 soat oldin
  • I'm no one's science project

    Lou SasoulLou Sasoul4 soat oldin
  • Who is this guy!? My goodness he’s so clueless and ditzy. Educated way beyond his intelligence.

    Dan WoodsDan Woods4 soat oldin
  • 1:14, hey man what was that sound? Mens voices don't typically jump that high. But who am I

    HeatPacker1222HeatPacker12224 soat oldin
  • Vox isn't news

    Sam ScraplaSam Scrapla4 soat oldin
  • The most annoying voice ever

    The TrutherThe Truther4 soat oldin
  • Why the hell will I take a vaccine that makes me more sick than the virus the vaccine is supposed to mitigate?

    Literary PharaohLiterary Pharaoh5 soat oldin
  • Joe Rogan should have asked this guy if he was nervous about dieing from the virus because he is morbidly obese

    Steven 7Steven 75 soat oldin
    • Yes he should have the guy is nutcase.

      who doctorwho doctor47 daqiqa oldin
  • Covid isn't real.

    Dustin LaytonDustin Layton5 soat oldin
  • I managed to listen to 3:28 of this clip ...crappy guest

    Anwar Sadat PhdAnwar Sadat Phd5 soat oldin
  • Why is Bill Gates even talking about vaccines? Let me know if you need a brain surgery i already have a mask and a scalper

    Mike DMike D5 soat oldin
  • Gates wants the population reduced to 500 million agenda 21 U.N. depopulation.

    Joseph Le bardJoseph Le bard5 soat oldin
  • Also, that's not the interview that he said 85%, it was a "face to face" interview...i watched it. C'mon Jaime, you dropped the ball on this on. 🤦🏾 It also have been proved that it gives you Bell's Palsy.

    Ronee NewtonRonee Newton6 soat oldin
  • The new MRNA vaccine is new and hasn't gone through any long term trials and studies.

    bloodmuffin123bloodmuffin1236 soat oldin
  • It was great hearing the Penguin in this podcast.

    Trollimus PrimeTrollimus Prime6 soat oldin
  • You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but never all of the people all the time... Abraham Lincoln.

    AJK always needs more info.AJK always needs more info.6 soat oldin
  • We're from the government and here to help....

    AJK always needs more info.AJK always needs more info.6 soat oldin
  • Joe really seems to have done his web researches! He ´s a vaccine expert!

    Unmec69Unmec696 soat oldin
  • Seven years to make a vaccine...thisnis a Joke..g z..u have a fool with you...Joe

    Glenn FletcherGlenn Fletcher7 soat oldin
  • This is 100% NOT cotton.

    Mister Panther ManMister Panther Man7 soat oldin
  • This won’t age too well, considering how many have had very serious side effects & how many have died. There are countries who are considering banning it because of the rate of death. I wouldn’t trust A SINGLE THING BILL GATES HAS HIS HANDS IN. No way!

    BeautyDaughtMomBeautyDaughtMom7 soat oldin
  • Wow Joe really? You like vaccines? 😳

    Mini SunMini Sun7 soat oldin
  • Welcome to being censored

    jeffrey wolfjeffrey wolf7 soat oldin
  • Bill Gates wont vaccinate is children nor will he,He stated .That tells you vaccines are unsafe

    Janet LacasseJanet Lacasse7 soat oldin
  • I have no large intestine no immune system with colitis and Crohn's disease and both disease are hundred times worse than anything covid to ever throw at me. As the prescriptions and a disease have been killing me slowly for 20 years. If there's a covid-19 that can kill me in 2 days bring it on but won't happen and I won't wear a mask or do what they say or be under their control or take their vaccination even though I'm one of the frontrunners for it. I'd gladly give my spot away to the sleeping sheep to get sick. I've been there guinea pig long enough not for this vaccination no way

    jeffrey wolfjeffrey wolf7 soat oldin
  • Gates can keep his Pfizer and moderna concoction.

    ShariaFreeUKShariaFreeUK7 soat oldin
  • What did he say? Knowing Gates probably who cares as long as I make a lot of profit.

    ShariaFreeUKShariaFreeUK7 soat oldin
  • I know of multiple elderly getting the vaccine and getting covid shortly after. Seems a little suss to me 🧐

    ipreferhelloipreferhello7 soat oldin
  • Why is Microsoft's CEO/Owner involved with making a COVID vaccine? Also, why are people interviewing him as if he has a background, education or training in medicine? He's a computer geek, not a scientist.

    Jessie JaneJessie Jane7 soat oldin
    • Microsoft wants to genocide people

      who doctorwho doctor45 daqiqa oldin
  • For God's sake, "covid" stands for Certificate Of Vaccination I.D, but there's no virus or infectious agent or pathogen called "covid", as it's never been identified in lab-tests. The injections that are being given do NOT innoculate, whcih means that they're NOT vaccines. Also, they haven't been fully tested, so are experimental. Colds and flu, which is what coronavirus is, are NORMAL in the Winter. Stop talking so much rubbish and GET A GRIP!!!

    foxfox7 soat oldin
  • Bill Gates has a good history with vaccines. What could go wrong?

    Rich KasperRich Kasper8 soat oldin
  • Wait, why the fuck do we Give a crap what some computer nerd thinks about process as complicated as vaccines? Do you call the Geek squad every time you need a physical or have a heart attack?

    Reid SimonsonReid Simonson8 soat oldin
    • @crunch9876 is your google button broken?

      Reid SimonsonReid Simonson7 soat oldin
    • @Reid Simonson well then explain.

      crunch9876crunch98767 soat oldin
    • @crunch9876 lol, are you kidding? Apparently you know nothing about it.

      Reid SimonsonReid Simonson7 soat oldin
    • what makes this vaccine complicated?

      crunch9876crunch98768 soat oldin
  • Bill Gates is evil man God punish

    Stephen SackeyStephen Sackey8 soat oldin
    • What makes him evil?

      crunch9876crunch98768 soat oldin
  • In Norway (small population) 28 elder people died within 2 weeks after taking the vaccin. So far

    Katarina EkstrandKatarina Ekstrand8 soat oldin
    • Time to sue Microsoft

      who doctorwho doctor44 daqiqa oldin
  • Who was that idiot?

    Jacque DenneyJacque Denney8 soat oldin
  • Gate's has being interviewed saying him and his family do not snd will not take vaccines! 26 people in Norway in retirement homes died a day or 2 after taking shots! People are dying all over the place but the media's not covering it! Its only in its 3rd stage meaning it shouldn't come out for another year or 2!

    BrandoBrando8 soat oldin
  • .....

    Robert DotsonRobert Dotson8 soat oldin
  • Who is this dude? And why do I care what he says’ he’s like the complete opposite of Rogan lol

    shaddy580urabazoshaddy580urabazo8 soat oldin
  • Its people like rainbow egghead that the world has lost it.....is he a man or what

    abdul sijadabdul sijad8 soat oldin
    • That egghead is a drone.

      who doctorwho doctor44 daqiqa oldin
  • The cure to covid has been found....turn off your tv

    abdul sijadabdul sijad8 soat oldin
  • Remove this video this guy is a “GOOF” he doesn’t understand anything and his voice is annoying ....

    alfonso soriantoalfonso sorianto8 soat oldin
  • The rainbow egghead has lost the plot.....

    abdul sijadabdul sijad8 soat oldin
  • Please take my mystery serum...results may vary!!

    abdul sijadabdul sijad9 soat oldin
  • The vaccine wasn't "fast-tracked". They've been working on COVID strains for YEARS. What happened was the red tape was removed so COVID could press forward like never before.

    Lee Darkin-MillerLee Darkin-Miller9 soat oldin
    • Typical American buulll

      who doctorwho doctor43 daqiqa oldin
    • They where not working in this strain for years...

      crunch9876crunch98767 soat oldin
  • I like tried and proven vaccines!

    Peri JettonPeri Jetton9 soat oldin
  • What a weird fuck!

    Shane CordovaShane Cordova9 soat oldin
  • Phycer vaccine has killed 13 people in Germany so far

    Yvonne NichollsYvonne Nicholls9 soat oldin
  • Serious side effects...um, like DEATH!!

    Nancy ArchibaldNancy Archibald9 soat oldin
  • If Bill Gates will only endorse something that Bill Gates will make billions off of. He is not a Dr. WAKE UP PEOPLE. HE IS SELLING YOU SMOKE TO BENEFIT HIMSELF. Yes BILL, fill the elderly with your vaccines to kill them. If it doesn’t kill them the first time, give them another one. WAKE UP PEOPLE, FOR GOD SAKES.

    Joyce ClarkJoyce Clark9 soat oldin
  • Vitamins over Vaxxine for me 🌿👁

    Kyng SymbaKyng Symba9 soat oldin
  • 33 ppl have died a week after them getting vaxx they puttin the Pfizer vaxxine👈

    Kyng SymbaKyng Symba9 soat oldin
  • Who is this guy???

    Danielle MenchacaDanielle Menchaca9 soat oldin
  • 29 people died in Norway from vaccine

    Rufeil RahtiehRufeil Rahtieh10 soat oldin
  • Okay (okay, okay, okay) Just a little pinprick There'll be no more, ahhhh But you may feel a little sick Can you stand up? I do believe it's working, good That'll keep you going through the show Come on it's time to go There is no pain you are receding A distant ship, smoke on the horizon You are only coming through in waves Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse Out of the corner of my eye I turned to look but it was gone I cannot put my finger on it now The child is grown The dream is gone I have become comfortably numb

    lukkbox77lukkbox7710 soat oldin
  • Please white people please take the vicine

    sunday brileysunday briley10 soat oldin
  • Comfortably numb... Actually happening

    lukkbox77lukkbox7710 soat oldin
  • I don't hear a big death rate and googled mortality rate and nothing noticeable

    Gregory MannGregory Mann10 soat oldin
  • Any outfitting alphabet name is questionable

    Gregory MannGregory Mann10 soat oldin
  • No thanks like there are repurposed drugs that are great

    Gregory MannGregory Mann10 soat oldin
  • This guy represents the extremely irritating masses who willing accept what they are told. Much better to have skeptical citizens who are well informed that make decisions based on well tested ideas.

    Paiden EasleyPaiden Easley10 soat oldin
  • 23 реоple died from Pfizer vaccine already

    irina1022irina102210 soat oldin
  • This guy a Eunuch or something?

    chronicxswaggerchronicxswagger10 soat oldin
    • He is a nymphomaniac, he sleeps with his personal Gavure AV models.

      who doctorwho doctor41 daqiqa oldin
  • Very disappointed with your guest .. he’s a top knob head .. sorry but he is .. x peace ✌️

    Donna BaileyDonna Bailey10 soat oldin
  • Your guest is a top knobba

    Donna BaileyDonna Bailey10 soat oldin
  • You can tell this guy is a journalist that has just sucked down all the cool aid and mindset that the progressive left has. Uninformed and a shouting. He isn't even paying attention to the video he's on his phone just trying to find something to disprove him rather than listen and having a discussion.

    ac chac ch10 soat oldin
  • Jamie should've brought the fact when they infected 100 million Americans with the SV-40 cancer causing virus in the 60s through the polio vaccine.

    redfireklaredfirekla10 soat oldin
  • joe is such a lying sack of doodoo! yeah sure he loooves the vaccine .. simply because he knows if he doesnt play the ball right .. hes done! i like how pathetic he says "the problem that a "lot of people" have is that its fasttracked" .. hes even to scared to acknowledge that he himself to has a problem with it! you are an very evil soul sir and i despise you for that

    Betrogene SeelenBetrogene Seelen10 soat oldin
    • He worked for Disney corporation, that is the root of 33rd mess.

      who doctorwho doctor40 daqiqa oldin