What Lawrence Wright Learned About Jim Jones By Talking to His Sons

5-Yan, 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1588 with Lawrence Wright. open.spotify.com/episode/0qbecQfkEbDavPaDv7EzHN?si=9fExwuZ_SJe5d0yeFIZlqw

  • Why don't people just drop their imaginary friends when they become adults? Religion poisons everything.

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  • I can't imagine being the one to have to identify the bodies of everyone you know and love in a mass suicide event. The amount of strength and mental fortitude to do that is astounding and inconceivable to me

    Faith CrisisFaith CrisisKun oldin
  • Not that it's a big deal but he did not pronounce Guyana correctly it sounds so funny how he pronounces it I thought Joe Rogan would have corrected him LOL

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  • What a thumbnail

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  • You disappoint us with clickbait. You make strange business decisions by moving to an app that nobody uses. Is this the end of Joe Rogan?

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  • Put the full videos of your podcast back on UZworld. I would rather watch AND hear rather than JUST hear. I’m not gonna use Spotify so I guess I’ll never listen to your shit again......

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  • Everyone complaining about the Spotify don’t know how to use the app shut it up already

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  • Glad you got your $100M Joe but I aint switching

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  • So what did he learn?

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  • Weak lately joe. Step up these topics

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  • Being from Waco sucks. Famous people only know this town for Koresh.

    Deminus GermanicusDeminus Germanicus7 kun oldin
  • So many people think they are like taking a stand by not using spotify. You all are so weird. What does it do for you to not listen on spotify? Like what a weird stand for you to all make.

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  • I have Spotify and I still don't watch the podcast on it

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  • And you thought Scientology was nuts!

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  • The New JRE Clips... Joe, You need to honor your word and reopen your channel. Otherwise, you look like a sell out. FULL EPISODES!!!!!

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  • The fact that he made the comparison that going to waco from Austin is right up the street shows just how big Texas is! 💗👌🏾🤣🥰

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  • Oh let the dead be dead ..I am not going to listen to old dead bad crap over again !! There is really no point !! Stupid people ,unless J.C. himself comes down out of those clouds with all the Angles around him . please stupids, dont " FOLLOW " NUT BALLS !! OPEN YOUR STUPID EYES AND ENGAGE YOUR BRAIN !!! BYE !

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  • More reporters than branch davidians

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  • Damn I thought this would be about the rapper Jim Jones.

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  • It's hard to believe that it was only 15 years between Jonestown and Waco. Waco is over 20 plus years ago from now.

    Jay QuintanaJay Quintana9 kun oldin
  • No matter how bizarre a cult is or how they as grown adults want to live.......there was NO REASON legally for Janet Reno to have the govt storm the compound and kill women and children!!!! Yes they had guns but that is not against the law or even the slightest of reasons to massacre them!!!

    Renee SantiagoRenee Santiago9 kun oldin
  • Heavy stuff. Awesome clip.

    Worldwide JamalWorldwide Jamal9 kun oldin
  • wouldnt it be wild to find out that jim jones was trumps father? i mean, i wouldnt think it could be any more fitting.

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  • I honestly hate the new studio

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  • Thought this was going to be about the rapper 🤣

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  • Well if you watch the documentary on and there were plenty of people that knew something was wrong and they were trying to leave but they were kept there and they were forced to take the drink that killed everybody

    aneesallaneesall9 kun oldin
  • Powerful story

    MrLasso15MrLasso159 kun oldin
  • I remember hearing the Jim Jones tapes when I was 13. Those kids crying burned into my memory.

    That one ladyThat one lady9 kun oldin
  • Rep. Jackie Spier was there and has a lot to say about Guyana and our present day.

    Kaye Ralene White-HancockKaye Ralene White-Hancock9 kun oldin
  • If you wanna fuck up your mood for the day, listen to the audio recording of Jim Jones passing out the poison to his crowd of followers.

    Jack NeffJack Neff9 kun oldin
  • His natural son? Lol nice

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  • Lol.. So a "Progressive" talks, lies, and causes the deaths of hundreds of people... .. .. Sounds about right. Progressives are really just Regressive.

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  • Fuck spotify. I cant stream into my tv.

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  • Fuck spotifly. The software is shitty.

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  • Why didn't he mention anything about the drugs he was doing? That's the main reason of why Jim Jones became the way he did, along with some radical ideations

    iRishGuy83iRishGuy8310 kun oldin
  • Who's Jim Jones, n.m., Google filled me in on the Jim Jones thing

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  • Podcast with a survivor of Jonestown and one with a survivor of Waco on my channel 👀 thought it was relevant

    Harry RobinsonHarry Robinson10 kun oldin
  • I would LOVE to hear the whole conversation. Too bad I wont.. and I have spotify premium too lol

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    • Not true you can just listen to it for free no ads not a penny paid on Spotify

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  • feel free to talk about TRUMP-BIDEN situation here: uzworld.info/player/video/goy5pcttdMzcgnw

    Unchiul XUnchiul X10 kun oldin
  • “They were good people” yeah dumb enough to drink the koolaid

    JacobRoss92JacobRoss9210 kun oldin
    • Read about the massacre, they were trapped there, and they didn't have any option to not drink the koolaid.

      Ravie3Ravie39 kun oldin
  • the ad is awful

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  • I'm 600th comment SPOTIFY SUCKS lol

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  • Now that your a texan? What makes you a texan? Zip code?

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  • Keep those clips coming JRE =]

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  • The "Catch New Episodes" alert at the end really ruined the tone

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  • But probably not... CATCH NEW EPISODES FOR FREE

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  • His thought process is too scattered.

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  • Ii

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  • The mass suicide was recorded, and is easily accessible online. I've seen all sorts of ugliness on the internet, but that is the most haunted, most unbearable thing I've ever encountered. I really can't get through it. Don't listen to that. If you ever get a chance, listen to some of the residents of Jonestown talking. Jones was a noted civil rights leader, and his followers genuinely believed they were building a better world. They had faith that God was on their side. Real faith -- the kind for which people give their lives -- takes extraordinary courage. So much easier to think these folks are bonkers, to write them off as fanatics. The far more disturbing truth, it seems, is that they were courageous, and dared madly, and sought to change the world, and were slaughtered at the hands of a man in whom, perhaps in all innocence, they misplaced their trust.

    The Last SitcomThe Last Sitcom11 kun oldin
    • @Thawed Antarctican It absolutely should be studied, especially by anyone who's looking for clarity on such a horrific event. Like the R. Budd Dwyer tape, I do think there's an element of dark curiosity that drives folks (myself included, certainly) to such a grim document, but it's of great historical importance. And the question of being mentally ensnared is a powerful one. I'm a pretty religious person, have studied a great many varieties of spirituality, and seen plenty of phenomena I can't explain. Here, for example, is some evidence that many who knew Jones in his early days testified -- even after the massacre -- to his capacity to heal: jonestown.sdsu.edu/?page_id=35402 Some of the later miracles were faked -- according to that article, this is beyond dispute. But if at some point you witnessed a genuine supernatural phenomenon, wouldn't it cause you to question your assumptions? While this certainly isn't the case for all cults, I do think it's one reason why many sincere, good-hearted, intelligent, open-minded folks find themselves ensnared. Just because a person has some capacity that's seldom seen in our materialistic, unbelieving world, it doesn't mean that they get it from a good source.

      The Last SitcomThe Last Sitcom10 kun oldin
    • I'm fascinated by Jonestown, and have listened to the death tape numerous times. Cults in general fascinate me, but Jonestown is something that a lot of people should examine and use the knowledge of what and how it happened as a tool for survival, as in knowing who to avoid and how you could mentally be ensnared by malicious people disguising their actions and intent. It is something I feel that should be listened to and studied, since it brings clarity to an event that has been painted as a mass suicide, when it is really more of a mass murder-suicide. You can hear people question why they should kill themselves as the "kool-aid" is being prepared, showing a sudden clarity that causes a schism.

      Thawed AntarcticanThawed Antarctican10 kun oldin
  • Are we all fucked right now?

    Jay BallJay Ball11 kun oldin
  • Jim Jones was First Lady Rosalynn Cater’s confidant. Just goes to show how sick and twisted the leadership in America is and has been for decades. Amazing how supposed “good people” progressives keep associating with mass murderers and tyrants.....

    Truth_hurtsTruth_hurts11 kun oldin
  • So ... The Move, Jones Town, & Waco ... hmm Now, would a forensics investigation of Jones Town have noticed so many bodies laying out side by side did not look like the result of arsenic poisoning, which causes the body to contort grotesquely and remain that way as rigor set in? A Police helicopter bombed The Move and a flame throwing tank torched the Branch Davidians as the fire dept. was kept away. _Just sayin'_ It's not like the deep state has never suicided anyone.

    buttafanbuttafan11 kun oldin
  • Toms king of a Ponzi scheme, sadly alot will never question their ideas

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  • Who else wants to slug some Kool-Aid? OOOOOOOOH YEAAAAAAH!

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  • Ballinnnn !

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  • That was BORING AF, i want my 7:26 back. What a BORING guest.

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  • That "CATCH NEW EPISODES OF THE --" is SO JARRING after powerful or intense stuff like this. Cringing every time, rushing for the pause!

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  • Man the Spotify ad cutting in at the most emotional point of the Jim Jones story was pretty terrible. Sincerely hope Jamie / Joe / Spotify fix this cuz its a slow poison to the podcast.

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  • for anyone whining about spotify in the comment section. The dude got paid. Be happy for him. Be happy that youtube doesn't have a fucking strangle hold on podcasters. Competition breeds innovation no?

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  • I’m not listening to this on Spotify.

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    • @Matthew Foss you’re looking too much into it my guy. It’s just too much work for me.

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    • Wow. So many of you think you're loke taking a stand or something. Its so weird.

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  • Who else just came here after Trumps cult tried to take over Congress today?? Crazy days we're living in

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  • The rapper "Jim Jones "

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  • 2021 is the year of the branch covidians !

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  • No one cares that you don't like spotify nerds

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  • Is he ever going to change this toaster oven set?

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  • Joe rogan haters: we want joe rogan to loose subscribers. Spotify: Hold my beer!!!

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  • Took the guy 7 minutes to say jones' sons felt bad. No shit really.

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  • Why would I go to Spotify, When you have a PERFECTLY GOOD Channel, right here? 😒

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    • 230 million dollars

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  • Last 6 interviews: Trash

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  • Jones was seriously hung

    JJ DillonJJ Dillon11 kun oldin
  • jim jones? lol how random the rap artist?

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  • Fuck Spotify

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  • I remember waking up 2 the news about Jonestown. At that point about 20 something people were dead...by the time I got home later that day the count was up to 900. Captivated the world for mths. Scary scary shit cults R...

    Poopsie BPoopsie B11 kun oldin
  • If anyone wants to learn more about this horrendous time, please go check out Darryl cooper's podcast "God's Socialist". Just a heartbreaking story. Especially the fact it started out of love and black Americans. And ended up snowballing out of control

    Set_The_ControlsSet_The_Controls11 kun oldin
  • Guy-ana....

    Ravi SinghRavi Singh11 kun oldin
  • They are both terrible candidates, I wish people would protest over that fact alone. Instead of picking sides. As for these conspiracy theorists, they all believe Biden is worst for his team promoting this fake virus scamdemic (which doesn't even highlight the immune system). Than I hear about Biden's ties to China & that sounds too boring to research. Yet USA is a nation of sell outs, so maybe. Trump is a prop, not sure if he endorses the virus propaganda or not, seems to not, it's all a show still. I don't like what Trump represents, a big business man setting up hotels with his stupid name on it, I hate what hotels represent, non-sustainability. However Biden's been a politician for decades, his ways are so outdated, plenty of time for corruption influences, it's ridiculous. Overall one thing is clear, people are revolting over politics, a false sense of options. Yet not the real danger = 50 trillion, the 1%'ers, already own your lifestyles over with (conformity is the name of the game, not freedom). Which isn't even counting stolen resources from other countries, gold hoarded, or off-shore bank accounts. Hunger games for the next thousand years. How insane is that. Unless people figure out who the real villains are, dismantling extreme greed across the planet. Not even honoring it at all, ever again, the new way. I vote for French revolution style guillotining everyone who owns more than 200 million - whom isn't promoting the awareness of dismantling all greed across the board. For sustainable options available to the public for free, or nearly free. 400 million americans using creativity to figure that out, instead of going to their gosh damn monopoly jobs / parkinglotville. That gives back to the next 10 generations, ahead of time. Land, housing, gardens, activities, solar trains, wifi hubs, eco showers, marble plaza's, aqueducts, you name it - 50 trillion dollars will redistribute for it. That's what a REAL MILITIA is for.

    baron whitebaron white11 kun oldin
  • Jones did some decent work in sf before he went bat shit crazy.

    John MorrisJohn Morris11 kun oldin
  • f@#$%^ Texas.

  • Redwood Valley Ca was a big part and rarely taked about.

    Red WadeRed Wade11 kun oldin
  • Yur spotify comment at the end is annoying as hell

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  • Jesus get to the point.

    USALibertarianUSALibertarian11 kun oldin
  • Stop Dodging David Paulides

    William LofferWilliam Loffer11 kun oldin
  • If any of you have not heard the Jonestown tape, don't listen to it. It's one of the most disturbing and horrifying things I've ever heard. If you're a skeptic of spiritual darkness, you may temporarily reconsider your skepticism.

    David RDavid R11 kun oldin
  • "Spotify is just fantastic" - No One Ever

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    • Wow, I took out that qcrew troll with just one comment. Not bad for this late in the week.

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    • @Matthew Foss I don't watch on my phone- but thanks for the feedback.

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    • @Kirk Johnson probably your phone. I listen all the time and have zero issues.

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    • @Robert Hill you can just skip through the ads. Its not hard princess.

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    • @Georgia Overdrive Yeah I heard but they didn’t send Joe one giant check.

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  • Jaimie, please wake up and change the thumbnail

    II11 kun oldin
  • The parallels to the Trump cult are striking. Good people can attach themselves to the personality of someone and not let go in the face of overwhelming facts.

    Kirk JohnsonKirk Johnson11 kun oldin
    • @Kirk Johnson Well soon to be future Vice President Harris certainly wasn't dissuading rioters when she was asking for donations to bail out rioters earlier this year. Does saying that make me right wing? No, both sides are disgusting with no goal of unification. That's the wing I'm on so don't bother defending either one of them.

      SparksDrinkerSparksDrinker7 kun oldin
    • @SparksDrinker Sure. Who is the cult leader of Antifa?

      Kirk JohnsonKirk Johnson7 kun oldin
    • And equally so with Antifa, let's not mention one nutty side without the other

      SparksDrinkerSparksDrinker11 kun oldin
  • My cousin Teresa King died in Jonestown. She was a beautiful soul!

    Michele Heiny ScottMichele Heiny Scott11 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: my great uncle gave Jim Jones clothes to wear for his first date to his future wife.

    Amy HowellAmy Howell11 kun oldin
  • Why can't I watch the episodes on spotify? Isn't that kind off the whole deal?

    Gabriel Rivera sanchezGabriel Rivera sanchez11 kun oldin
  • Joe, you are not a Texan. That is just offensive.

    primalamericaprimalamerica11 kun oldin
  • The mind manipulation of Americans is astonishing. From Jim Jones to David Koresh, when do people wake up and understand that religion and the people that peddle it are dangerous. Just research this stuff, it is freighting.

    bobbullethalfbobbullethalf11 kun oldin
  • Joe Rogan has become the Tekashi 69 of podcasting... what a Rat lol...

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  • Omg the lighting is horrible. Pink? Makes your skin look pink

    Dante DiegoDante Diego11 kun oldin
  • Do you remember the Branch Davidians? Really ? Anyway, watching Leah Remini’s documentary on Netflix showed some of these poor children who’ve been stuck in that cult madness all their lives.

    HEAVYWALL 70HEAVYWALL 7011 kun oldin
  • Damn. Dude doesn’t know Tim passed away from a heart attack in 2019....

    Dad So SadDad So Sad11 kun oldin
    • Wait really?

      Matthew BaileyMatthew Bailey5 kun oldin
    • For real?

      Holden BaileyHolden Bailey10 kun oldin
  • Lawrence Wright is an underrated author. I read his book called The Looming Tower. It's like a novel except it is all true.

    whatthecello42whatthecello4211 kun oldin