What the Origins of Handwashing Says About the Medical Establishment

6-Yan, 2021
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1589 with Dr. Mark Gordon & Andrew Marr. open.spotify.com/episode/63rrJQVK26FuyaMDnY7a3z?si=XOM5MtvhSKe_XqDgm7nQhg

  • Thought this was breaking bad?

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  • Should have read thier Bible 🙆🏾‍♂️ Leviticus 15:13

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  • Anyone else wonder why Joe cut off Dave Rubin, like a specific reason? The only thing I can seem to find online is that Rubin (although he claims not to be an intellectual) mispoke a few time or something. Anyone have any ideas? Seems like we could do with his input right now

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  • 5:53 The episode of Scrubs "My Brother, My Keeper" describes doctors to the bone. I think that Graham Hancock would correlate with you due to his problems concerning archeology.

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  • scurvy

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  • In main stream science there is so much dogma and resistance to change that's why progress is so slow!

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  • Ignác Semmelweis was a hungarian doctor, not austrian.

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  • Because these doctors don’t admit to wrongdoing is just ego and “my way or the highway” mentality. And $ on the side because imagine if they said yeah we were wrong, no more $ coming in no more being in the limelight.

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  • Medical system is like a cash grab.

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  • I'm not going to spotify , about to leave UZworld

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  • Pharmaceutical funding has destroyed the reputation of doctors. You’re better off researching the cure to your illness yourself, instead of waiting for your doctor to give you medication (aka a temporary band-Aid) rather than doing their jobs by finding the root issue causing your illness.

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  • i learnt this in secondary school history well doing germ thoery

  • He's wrong in the year the hand hygiene was introduced. Poor doctor ended up in a psych hospital for all the abuse he took..

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  • The childlike need optically wrap because flax simplistically crash afore a strange quince. hanging, tasty holiday

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  • For those looking how to spell the guys name it’s: Ignaz Semmelweis

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  • spotify is not available in my country >_

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  • We need more money

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  • We now wash our hands and take vitamin C. There is always hope ! May logic outweigh the ignorance and selfishness always

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  • Put the full videos of your podcast back on UZworld. I would rather watch AND hear rather than JUST hear. I’m not gonna use Spotify so I guess I’ll never listen to your shit again......

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  • Downloaded Spotify just to watch you but their layout sucks bro

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  • Just like they don't want to admit now the covid is bullshit with 0.0% chance of killing anyone healthy.

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  • Ignaz Semmelweis in 1847. Centuries earlier, during the time of Israel's exodus from Egypt, the Creator made a contract with Israel as they were living in the wilderness. Their books of the law are filled with detailed instructions and advanced medical knowledge to keep them alive and healthy, such as Leviticus 15:13 which instructs to use running water instead of still water. They were given all kinds of sanitary instructions about treating diseases, quarantining, and having a safe and healthy diet. This was unique among the ancient world. The Creator of course knew about germs and health even if man and secular science didn't discover these things on their own until 35 centuries later.

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  • I thought that was risitas

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  • for years i thought scatman was dead.

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  • Ok wait.. I just woke up, did he just say "MD F U C K"?

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  • Did this guy date Monica?

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  • Did anyone else get that dumbass ad about the grappling game plan to get your black belt in three years

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  • Timestamp in the pod?

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  • Oh the same imperial college that had the covid advice.... funny that

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  • His mostach says he owns a chihuahua and a cartel

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  • what happened to the no headphones podcast???

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  • Not able to watch Spotify from my region :(.

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  • Did he say "Stamford"?

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  • Joe has the body of a ninja turtle. So which one's your favorite? Mine's Donatello.

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  • Joe acts like he doesn't know where the term limey comes from.

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  • Humans will never want to admit they where wrong. Pride is a bitch and it’s in all of us

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  • Joe why did you slither back on youtube you snake

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  • I just can’t take him seriously with that stache.

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  • just tried watching on spotify on my playstation, no video

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  • He looks like the supermarket owner from Hot Fuzz

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  • 4:29

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  • Lol@anyone believing the medical industry 😂😂😂🤣

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  • Where's the full episode?

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  • But things have changed since the 1700s. We live in a more enlightened age where the medical community cares about us and they would never lie to us. 😐

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    • @BooBoo Bear haha that's interesting. We all smoked weed pretty much but I think cocaine was way more popular/open in the 70s.

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    • @Vancouver Thai Massage Back in the 80s, I worked in restaurant kitchens. From what I heard, the cooks would snort cocaine off the cutting boards.

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    • As someone who worked in like 4 or 5 restaurants, never go to a restaurant if that bothers you.

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  • I always think it's nasty when I see people needing bread because I think their hands are sweating and that sweat is being put into the bread

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  • Ignác Semmelweis was a Hungarian physician and scientist, known as an early pioneer of antiseptic procedures. Described as the "savior of mothers", Semmelweis discovered that the incidence of puerperal fever ( "childbed fever") could be drastically cut by the use of hand disinfection in obstetrical clinics en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ignaz_Semmelweis

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  • Ignac Semmelweis and he was Hungarian, not Igor and not Austrian

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  • What do I type in ,when I go on Spotify,they need the names under the this title

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  • I've had Spotify premium for years now and I still haven't bothered to look at any jre on there it's like I can't be bothered to watch a video on an audio app or something

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    • Yes I love Spotify but dont use it for video

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  • Simon skinner from hot fuzz

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  • I still don't know what they were talking about.

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  • Public school system had a doctor put my wife on antidepressants before we met, I plan on going after them for a few reasons for that. Main reason I will sue them is for sabatoging our marriage by making her question my business startup.

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  • lmao, thought this was chris hadfield based off the thumbnail

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  • And what happened to Dr. Semmelweis you ask? A group of physicians led by Vienna's leading dermatologist, Ferdinand Ritter von Hebra lured Semmelweis to an asylum under the pretense that his opinion was sought and *fucking beat him to death.*

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  • So tired of listening to people bitch about Spotify, Joe gives these guys amazing content and he educates them for years for free and they bitch about having to download an app. Just a bunch of ungrateful little bitches. I mean if you support him how can you not support his grind?

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  • Just put everything back on UZworld. I'm not going to spotify and creating an account. I've only watched JRE clips since he abandoned YT.

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  • 6:48 Did.....did he just spell out f u c k?

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  • Things I won't be doing Signing up to spotify.

  • Many of those who attempted to overthrow my government a few days ago subscribe to your channel. Please do a video about qanon and how they are terrorists.

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  • 4:50 People believe in religions and believe they’re saving them, taking them to heaven. Whilst in reality Religion gives an excuse for why someone died. Big scandal!

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  • 1:05 man that’s facts. Ain’t no science on diagnosing depressing when your just sat telling the Dr your feeling a bit low. Probably the reason these chemicals send people over the edge to suicide. Just a big boost to the mind that they didn’t need. Wow. All from an “opinion”

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  • Wouldn't it be great to know what they're talking about

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  • Placebo

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  • Spotify sucks, I have tried to watch several vids but it keeps buffering on my computer. I do not have that problem with You Tube, Netflix, Dis+, Amazon, or FB but Spotify runs like shit! Sorry Joe, Love ya but hate Spotify.

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  • Tom Selleck being interviewed 😳

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  • Educated idiots kill and maim more than any disease or sickness, arrogance is a sickness, the worst sickness humanity has ever known.

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  • You need Derek from more plates more dates

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  • joe needs to get more plates more dates on asap. the amount of inaccurate bs information said on this ep in unbelievable.

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  • The same problem exists with nutrition. The food pyramid (high carb diet = high insulin diet) for example is based on ZERO scientific evidence and is killing people. But tell someone to reduce their carbohydrate intake (which is sugar) they tell you go screw yourself... as they trottle on in their inflamed, obessed, hypertensioned, diabetic body.. following it for reasons they have no idea of whatsoever 😒

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  • 3:44 Video starts

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  • Joe get the hell off spotify.

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  • This is shit I’m out of this podcast he got bought out

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    • @ONshowON what the fuck are you talking about 😂 I’m talking about we’re only getting clips on UZworld no full videos

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    • Why? Because he isn't talking about the capitol invasion? Relax, he just doesn't know the side he should take, he have talked a lot of crap in the past and that might come back to bite him in the ass. And lets not forget the support that he gave to alex jones in the past.. sorry bro but he is going to keep mouth shut for some time, especially when we all know that some of the idiots that supported the capitol invasion will do something really stupid until 20th january...

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  • Get More Plates More Dates on the podcast!!

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  • Spotify's web client is terrible and the app slows the shit out of my computer. Sorry Joe

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  • Screw big pharma.

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  • I think I listen 90% less often to the Joe Rogan podcast now since it has gone exclusive on Spotify. I only bother when its some really, really interesting guest. I also think that Spotify has one overly complicated interface.

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  • Gabapentin is very bad for your brain you'll develop a different kind of brain fog it definitely makes you dumb even after stopping the intake for years

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  • @joerogan please ditch spotify come back to UZworld and get joey diaz back on the show somethings are worth more than money like your fans

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  • Didn’t know the My Pillow guy was also a doctor🤯

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  • Would someone please mention what the fuck they are talking about?

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  • Big up birmz we got great doctors

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  • humans can be so egotistical and horrible even in the medical field someone comes up whith an answer to save lives and because they might look bad they won't adopt a simple way to save lives! haha even when humans are there to save lives they still take lives because of there egotistical arrogance!

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  • could somebody help me to explain how I can find JRE videos on spotify pls. When I set in search JRE I can't find last podcasts with ppl like this video.

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  • Did he drink Joe’s milkshake?

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  • hello mr joe rogan.. i like your podcast and have been listening to it for years. i am from Bangladesh where spotify is not supported. it is a matter of sorrow but i can not listen to you podcast. if you can talk to spotify official to fix this issue it would be a great benefit for people like me in the 3rd world countries.

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  • Joe first off I love your show, longtime subscriber. But I hate this new room, there is so much going on there it takes away from the interview. Peace and love peace and love

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  • 4:30 washing ur hands with lye...it only takes 7 drops to kill a guy and the fume it creates is dangerous af.

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  • Nice to see Dr. Eggman downplaying the virus during a pandemic, no wonder covid deniers stormed the Capital...

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  • Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis was a Hungarian physician and scientist, now known as an early pioneer of antiseptic procedures. Described as the "saviour of mothers", Semmelweis discovered that the incidence of puerperal fever could be drastically cut by the use of hand disinfection in obstetrical clinics. Wikipedia Born: July 1, 1818, Tabán, Budapest, Hungary

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  • This guys is a quack

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  • Gabapentin is an anti-elliptic medication as well used for neuropathic pain. His lack of knowledge of that seems a tad disconcerting,

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  • The term ‘lime-juicers’, considered hilarious by Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans, gradually became ‘limeys’, describing British land-lubbers as well as sailors and eventually losing any connection with the sea. It was then adopted by Americans in the early 20th century.

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  • Pretty much the only thing at the grocery store that is healthy, is quinoa & farro (only if soaked in jarrs overnight), then tons of green / purple vegetables. Mushrooms are fine if they weren't so overpriced & were grown yourself. Just attain more greens / foragables, than most people have per month & you'll be well. Health doesn't give a hoot about your taste buds, not even the fact that your belly may get tired of veggies & want a treat style hot meal for dinner. It only acts from results. Results from vitamins & minerals. Which requires discipline. Every other isle (be it chips, frozen, cereal, ect.) or restaurant dish is literally LITERALLY equal to eating battery acid. I've tested this all 1,000 times. Pizza, Burritos, Chips, Beans, Granola, Legumins, Frozen Food, Boxed Food, Sugar Snacks, Dried Food, Dairy, Cheese, Ect. Even potatoes are meh. All horrible for your health, utterly horrible. Leading to severe weakness. How about meat? Has protein, bad for your bones, organs, blood, hair, & skin, I'd suggest. Do plants have cleaner protein? Yes they do. Do factory farms add to the suffering of the energetic field around the planet, yes they do. JRE had a segment promoting pill vitamins, from some " expert " recently, which is why I posted this. It was soooo basic, I was rolling my eyes the whole time. Probably some hired goon promoting carona, only promoting vitamins after the backlash of them ignoring the immune system. As if taking the pill format of vitamins helps much, it's only a 5% help if that. The fact that people are missing 1,000 - 2,000 plant varieties per week & nomadic sunlight, from a lack of community endorsed paradise valley's, is enough for me to know 110% that this virus is entirely fake / false flag. Money buys propaganda, even test results, or relabeling of the flu. & no I didn't wanna talk about that today, but it has to be said. If they aren't helping the natural environment becomes a living paradise with people not around parking lots, but around beautiful landscapes, than they aren't even worth listening to. Also you shouldn't have to buy from truck deliveries, that's nutrition depletion. So grocery stores are forever bad for that alone. 300 miles worth of greenhouses & food forests, per city, town, or village. Which isn't gonna happen anytime soon, so off grid I go. I was pondering the notion of " eating a variety of diff foods helps better " tho I've thrown that notion out the window for the most part, unless your a extreme health expert. For normal folk, that metaphor is too complicated. People drink water all year long, you don't need other type of liquids to be healthy. Just water. So for the most part, food is exactly like that, just pick your most nutritionist meal, & it's okay if it gets repetitive. Aslong as it packs nutrition, that's #1. I put pesto on my broccoli & siracha on my quinoa (not sure how my body likes those, but eh its gets me through, tryna quit potatoes, & pasta is death. Raw veggies have anti aging properties & more minerals , but cooked veggies have less fiber (so less burping), so have both raw & cooked, half / half. It's better to not eat anything at all & be skinny, than eat the bad foods, theirs's not such thing as nuetral food, it's either good or bad. Also I'm saying this as a bodybuilder who doesn't wanna be skinny anymore, so still I advise fasting or starvation is better than nutrient robbing foods. I have no idea why I need to study nutrition, if I figured out everything most people have available to them. Herbs online are way overpriced, I wouldn't suggest that. Just like when I was foraging for white oak tea, it was free, then people sell it online for too much, the amount it costs is not worth it. So studying nutrition further would make no sense, unless everyone has a farm. I spent 2 months off the pc & had tons of sun, noticed my dark circles only lessoned by 60%, so nutrition depletion makes dark circles too. Not just screen time or lack of sun. Also ate alot of granola bars when I first arrived at the beach, which was bad. I've stopped smoking weed for 20 days now & have been sexual retentive for 20 days, so my loss of energy is entirely from not being disciplined enough with my vegetable based meals. Also haven't been having pine tea everyday, more like once per month, so more of that too. The other reason is from not enough OXYGEN per day, breathing tons of big breaths all day outside = way more important than I previously understood. P.s. Enliven your water with flower petals & aqua veggies too.

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  • Hes not the mesiah!! Hes a very naughty boy

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  • Victor Newman is back in the building!

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  • Triggered Hungarian comment incoming... :D 3:46 His name was Ignaz (Ignác) Semmelweis "saviour of mothers" ,not Igor haha. At that time Hungary and Austria was a constitutional monarchy (1867-1918), but Semmelweis was originally Hungarian.

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  • Bullshit click bait.

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  • Goddamn I want to see who is Joe talking to for the entire podcast, fuck spotify

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  • 2019 was a good year for Joe... the rest is eh

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