Why Restaurants Keep Getting Shutdown

24-Dek, 2020
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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1583 with John Terzian & Craig Susser. open.spotify.com/episode/2bwd6wIUrqShlFrHEpwsCJ?si=e24nUxURTb2GwOAv6iXQBQ

  • In South Africa taxi drivers refused lockdown restrictions. Full load taxi travel

    Sikhona MdungeSikhona Mdunge3 soat oldin
  • McDs and co lobbied for this. The big takeout chains.

    Robert SharrockRobert Sharrock8 soat oldin
  • Imagine walking down Bourbon Street and it's like a ghost town..

    Allen McDonaldAllen McDonald14 soat oldin
  • Biden gonna do more shutdowns.

    KingSureShotKingSureShot16 soat oldin
  • Covid killin the old and weak shuttin down restaurant losing jobs ppl r dying at a rapid pace 2020 I knew 5 people pass away from drug overdose people drinking more then ever mask don’t work small business r done but some how I made the most money I ever made in my life in 2020

    franco perrottafranco perrotta19 soat oldin
  • I like how Rogan pretends he doesn't know lol uzworld.info/player/video/hY_aeZxugJXDc2s

    Tabetha SmithTabetha SmithKun oldin
  • VERY happy to see Joe on UZworld again

    Jim PughJim PughKun oldin
  • The ELITE is using a method called the boiling frog. If you put a frog into boiling water it will instantly jump out, but if you put the frog in the water and allow it to gradually heat up it will stupidly stay in there until it is cooked. That is what they have done to us.

    IamLimitless75IamLimitless75Kun oldin
  • Same script different city

    sivandeep buttarsivandeep buttarKun oldin
  • There is also no correlation between the amount of money given to States and controlling Corona. The 6 States that stayed open are doing just fine and actually a few have done better in death rate.

    The Common Sense ConservativeThe Common Sense ConservativeKun oldin
  • I called Pelosi and asked her what would happen if 155 Million people filed Federal TORT Claims against the United States due to her AND other members of Congress unwillingness to pass a stimulus. If people dying from Corona is Trumps fault then people dying of starvation and those that are going to lose their homes etc that is their fault.

    The Common Sense ConservativeThe Common Sense ConservativeKun oldin
  • There are massive food shortages coming, and restaurants are the number 1 waster of food. That's why they are targeting them specifically.

    Chad SChad SKun oldin
  • This is part of The great reset. Destroy the world economy and build it in their image. 1 class rule

    Vincent RiveraVincent RiveraKun oldin
  • Its the great reset. "You will own nothing, and you will be happy". They don't want average people to run anything. Everything will be government or corporate controlled.

    FUNKOfilmsFUNKOfilmsKun oldin
  • Is this the craziest time in human history?

    AJ9AJ92 kun oldin
  • The big restaurants are why the small independents are getting closed; these guys should be holding the lobbyist responsible

    MythicalMiningMythicalMining2 kun oldin
  • Its all about conttol

    Jenny ColeJenny Cole3 kun oldin
  • Fear of people dying and not doing anything? Ummmm?? People die everyday. People who need surgery and have cancer, their appointments are getting delayed. Dont murders get set free? Found innocent? Don’t abusers get to continue to go home to their wife and children? How about when a snow storm hits and the trucks to clean and salt the roads don’t come out early or there aren’t enough on the road. How about black ice that causes accidents and people end up dying. The flu season happens every year that people die from. There’s a lot of shit they need to revaluate to save lives if they are doing all this to save lives. Snow storm hits everyone should get a snow day than. Save lives that way.

    Kathy VictoriaKathy Victoria3 kun oldin
  • I work on Wilshire / San Vicente with all those people which is probably why my immune system is so strong and I haven’t got Covid 😂

    Matt JaramilloMatt Jaramillo3 kun oldin
  • Ya well this is what all of America is going to look like over the next decade and probably longer.

    James SparhamJames Sparham3 kun oldin
  • Biden has been working with the Chinese we are at war with China our Marines have been deployed in to the south indo-Pacific Islands as Pompeo stated at the VOA the military in China has armed the islands with missiles Democrats, antifa and BLM are going to take one last stand stay out of any protest they want to cause a scene and beg for Chinese and UN troop support! Prepare for the siege arm up protect your homes get plenty of food and water and let the military do their job this is what Trump meant when he said cool our tempers he’s fully in control of the presidency that’s why we’re still hearing from him and Biden is completely silent. Read your Bibles God is still in control over all things and Jesus Christ is the eternal King of Kings!

    Spiritual Science LibrarySpiritual Science Library3 kun oldin
  • Fu(k sake, the more time that passes the more people like Eddie Bravo are correct.

    bustindustin959bustindustin9593 kun oldin
  • I'll only go to a restaurant if they serve Corona.

    Richard WilletteRichard Willette3 kun oldin
  • The small hats will stop at nothing to collect shekels. Divide and conquer. Couldn’t have a fist fight to save their life but are nothing short of genius at using and manipulation of kind people to carry out their evil ways. They’ve been at it for 1000s of years.

    Micky BMicky B3 kun oldin
  • the guy keeps lookin at the guy w the craigs shirt all like wtf lmaoo. im rt therr w ya brotha

    Italia FergusonItalia Ferguson3 kun oldin
  • They're dismantling America in every aspect. Wake up people these are Communists.

    Ratpatrol RenegadeRatpatrol Renegade3 kun oldin
  • JOE get rid of the plastic water bottles!!! you need someone on here to talk about the plastic crisis

    Jackie LaurelJackie Laurel4 kun oldin
  • I literally ate indoors at a table no mask with hundreds of people around me and my family at the SF airport 🤦🏻‍♀️

    P BangP Bang4 kun oldin
  • It's rather simple...Destroy the economy to beat Trump.

    JimmyJimmy4 kun oldin
  • I can honestly say I hate newsom

    Gary WiegandGary Wiegand4 kun oldin
  • "Why?" They answered that question before it was asked. They, along with everyone else, has not said no to any of this.

    J WJ W4 kun oldin
  • These guys are all bitching about things they voted for

    RichRich4 kun oldin
  • How do you think is event industry ppl fell. 2020 was set to be the biggest touring season EVER

    SleeveSleeve4 kun oldin
  • The left is literally just killing America, if your hand becomes diseased and it's going to spread to the rest of the body and kill the rest you don't leave it to it. You cut it off and let the disease die with the hand.

    Lucky DunceLucky Dunce4 kun oldin
  • Bankrupting the small business owners

    Adrenalin OwnerAdrenalin Owner4 kun oldin
  • Thank God I live in Texas...everything is open here...I'm sorry for you all in those other States...God bless you all

    Rbrt SeRbrt Se4 kun oldin
  • spotify isn't free joe

    bluesinthebloodbluesintheblood4 kun oldin
  • If they would just change their name to Burger King they'd be fine.

    JunkBoxHeroJunkBoxHero5 kun oldin
  • Why? Because if they take away power from you they have more for themselves. Covid is so dangerous that Pelosi is willing to risk it all to get a perm.

    biochesbioches5 kun oldin
  • These two are so weak to understand that testing people on the virus is the trap for the next level of testing...this nonsense all started to accelerate after 9/11/2001. Shoes off, go through the scanner..okay, approved. You see what's happening? We are losing our rights and dignity.

    13 WhiteKnights13 WhiteKnights5 kun oldin
  • The guy in the middle is a kiss ass and is apart of the problem. Never split the difference.

    Evan ZenerEvan Zener5 kun oldin
  • The only people voting clips like this down are either who honestly believe all politicians and government are selfless, care about the people more than winning and taking care of their own, and have a conscience....or people who work with or are directly a part of tGlobal Elite/Globalists/Cabal who run the economy,, the US military and global alliances, mainstream media, Big Tech, and most cite aspects of Global Society...is just mindless, idiotic, unable-to-form independent thought minions at every level and strays of society.

    Seth WilliamsSeth Williams5 kun oldin
  • It’s disgraceful!

    Alexander Dyon AshtonAlexander Dyon Ashton5 kun oldin
  • Who is buying the now abandoned properties where are the homeless are at, or where these people are losing there homes

    Alexandria HasvoldAlexandria Hasvold5 kun oldin
  • You are at war! Wake up!

    HipHopBeatSourceHipHopBeatSource5 kun oldin
  • The democrats are the party of death.. they don’t build, they tax

    D OD O5 kun oldin
  • NWO, Great Reset, Globalism, or the “peaceful rise of China” -Obama... call it whatever you want. All roads lead to Rome.

    D OD O5 kun oldin
  • And yet the people of los angeles aint doing shit about it . Like always

    Funk DigglerFunk Diggler5 kun oldin
  • "There sure are a lot scumbags in Los Angeles isnt there" - Dave Mustaine 1988

    Mason MixonMason Mixon5 kun oldin
  • 80 million people voted for this in November. It wasnt hidden info. They knew what the stakes were and they voted for it.

    Mason MixonMason Mixon5 kun oldin
  • This show just seems so scripted since they went to Spotify

    Chicano EnforcerChicano Enforcer5 kun oldin
  • "Were in this together." BULL FUCKING SHIT!!! These people got paid an entire year to debate if we "deserved" $600. I have a wife and 2 kids. I've tried my absolute best to keep them a float this past year. And I cant go back to work because some pussy is afraid that someone else wont wear a mask?!

    One Per VideoOne Per Video6 kun oldin
  • Recall Newsom , this is what happens when you vote blue . Newsom wants his cut of the “ action “ and who can give him that.....corporate restaurants aka McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, etc .

    Luis PinedaLuis Pineda6 kun oldin
  • Get Alex from Celsius network on

    Martin FeatherstonMartin Featherston6 kun oldin
  • Seriously? How are these guys so fucking dense? It's not to make a name. It's destruction of the middle class. It's decimation of real estate prices. It's control. It's social engineering. It's all so obvious.

    Veterans BrotherhoodVeterans Brotherhood6 kun oldin
  • They keep shutting down because oathbreaker police officers keep shutting them down because they're following the unconstitutional edict of authoritarian governors and mayors

    Grey TimberGrey Timber6 kun oldin
  • Italy. 50,000 restauranteurs have decided to open up against Covid19 restrictions, lunch and dinner, banding together to form an alliance. This is the only way to stop this, mass civil disobedience. Long Live the People twitter.com/itstime2rise/status/1348550964135923712?s=20

    Pauline VerekerPauline Vereker6 kun oldin
  • These people are not altruistic they have lost their Humanity completely they are all completely blackmailed and compromised and corrupt

    T BoT Bo6 kun oldin
  • You HAVE to shop, you HAVE to fly home, you don’t HAVE to dine in outside

    Jeffrey GutierrezJeffrey Gutierrez6 kun oldin
  • I bet the hospitals are empty has any one checked ?

    joe kirchoffjoe kirchoff6 kun oldin
  • One of the attacks out of this ordeal is an attack on small business! It's right in everyone's face! Why have McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell NEVER closed down!

    Thomas RondonThomas Rondon6 kun oldin
  • Do you not find it strange that being out doors kills the virus this is fact look it up it’s better to be outside but yet they keep us inside hmmmm

    Barry DaveBarry Dave6 kun oldin
  • Save your sanity and leave. Augusta, Ga. wants your business. Lots of money in the Deep South and no one is shut down.

    Matthew SpiveyMatthew Spivey6 kun oldin
  • To create a new world..say it as it is..

    michel Charbonneaumichel Charbonneau6 kun oldin
  • What do restaurant owners know about infectious diseases Ffs

    Blue BoyBlue Boy6 kun oldin
  • But orange man is the bad one right?

    Gustavo SerranoGustavo Serrano7 kun oldin
  • You all dont understand they want to destroy you all!! Wake up

    Ronnie BRonnie B7 kun oldin
  • I been living in California for 35 years and I NEVER go to near L.A or the ugly side of southern California. Dont think all California is full of homeless or craziness. I live in a beautiful city, no homeless, no weirdos, no traffic. I can go out for walks at any time. I'm glad I live in sunny California. Stay away from downtown.. who even goes to downtown?????????

    John ValdiviaJohn Valdivia7 kun oldin
  • Because the people in charge, that have never ran or worked a real job in their life, don't care because they will get paid regardless. They have not struggled at all financially in this pandemic.

    LeftyLefty7 kun oldin
  • Hey Joe Rogan, I'm sure you've heard a bunch of this by now but I just wanted to let you know I'm not going to switch to Spotify. While it was probably a good move financially I think you shot this show in the foot and I hope that when your contract expires you move back here.

    Michael WoodheadMichael Woodhead7 kun oldin
  • Drunk on power. Trying to take away your freedom and ability to make a living so you will be completely dependent on big government.

    TheGunther30TheGunther307 kun oldin
  • man in the Craig's t shirt should grow a pair of nuts and say how he really feels/how it is. Kissing ass that don't want to be kissed doesn't get anyone anywhere...

    Casper GhostCasper Ghost7 kun oldin
  • These guys dont give af about people, just themselves.

    Jessica LacrimosaJessica Lacrimosa7 kun oldin
  • Its proven the lock downs do nothing to stop the spread of Covid. The reason they are doing this is to destroy people's means of an independent income. If you notice all corporations can stay open, its only the little guy that is closed. The endgame is to have everyone receive a basic income from the government and thus be under total control.

    Jamie RuefferJamie Rueffer7 kun oldin
  • The left is only making everything worse. All this has gone to far. They need to open up and stop every single bit of this. Why they are having the raise in the numbers is because of the rules and lock downs they are doing bottom line. They are creating the poverty that is spreading the virus along with hundreds of other things the list just keeps growing. Until the people consider them selves Americans not leftist and they start taking a stand for their freedom and demand people like Newsom steps down then its only going to get worse. Yall talk about it for dining lol get real the whole thing needs to be stopped. The politicians are creating empty buildings that the elitist are going to buy up for pennies on the dollar. Then the elitists will own all the stores,shops, restaurants, corporate buildings and guess what happens next they file bankruptcy so they don't end up paying a dime for any of that property and they write it all off to the tax prayer to once again crash the market and the rich will once again get richer and the poor get poorer. They just did this in the past 2 years check out the huge bills they passed, huge chunks of the bills passed bailed out the rich corporate elitists again. The rest lined the pockets of their company CEOs , the last bill that just passed just goes to show how much of a scam this do state have going. This last bill was basically saying here you few poor people split this couple billion and be happy. While we take hundreds of billions and pass it around the the leaders of other countries and organizations that are going to give back millions in political donations to the corrupt politicians passing this shit. It was the equivalent of a elitists party where are government print out billions in taxes sending out invitations that say your invited and you get a billion dollars over and over. Then they got to the people and they said sorry your not invited but will pay for you to watch it on TV. That way if the truth or anything comes out about it they already have the sheep monitor going to lie and deny. The left and the rhinos on the right should all be held accountable along with the elitists funding them.

    Jeremy TrowbridgeJeremy Trowbridge8 kun oldin
  • 1/9/2020 not only is our president being censored so is Joe Rogan and so many more! Who else have you been unsubscribed from multiple times?

    JackzzzJackzzz8 kun oldin
  • They are purposely shutting down restaurants to cause economic hardship for small business owners. It will get worse. Part of the RESET

    BB ZBB Z8 kun oldin
  • It is a travesty to see what has happened in L.A. The mayor and the governor should be criminally charged.

    BB ZBB Z8 kun oldin
  • Hey, I dl spotify and I consider myself app savvy, but after chosing some artists, I don't see any playlist. Spotify is extremely confusing to me compared to YT...

    Eran OlivasEran Olivas8 kun oldin
  • Then you’d be accused of targeting minorities. And being called racist

    James ClintJames Clint8 kun oldin
  • Restaurants are shut down but airports are still open. Makes sense.

    Edward LeeEdward Lee8 kun oldin
  • Why? Because they are trying to get all the small businesses closed. Property values will fall, and they will come in and buy it up on the cheap. It is all a greed move. Look at the bill that says companies can't come in and buy up properties. The "owner" gets the first shot, then the renter as long as they can show 2 years of solid work which these businesses can't, then the state has the opportunity. The state can buy it, then sell it to "anyone" they want from that point on. They will turn blocks of neighborhoods into low income housing.

    frankpawsfrankpaws8 kun oldin
  • I was a career restauranteur for the past 17 years chef for the past 15 years. You got to adapt for your family back in August I got a job as a UPS driver making practically the same money with great union befits. Sorry got to Adapt and see what’s going on with the industry. Try to be 3 steps ahead of conflict.

    MONDO Duke 9MONDO Duke 98 kun oldin
  • Who else worked in the restaurant industry and lost their job because of shutdowns? 🙋‍♀️

    Myra ModregonMyra Modregon8 kun oldin
  • Haha you people aint gonna do nothing about it though ..your all too scared of uncle sam so shut up or do something

    MILE_HIGH_GROW 5280MILE_HIGH_GROW 52808 kun oldin
  • I thought the guy in the black shirt with Steve Blackman at first...

    Persill 1892Persill 18928 kun oldin
  • Seriously, just stop with the entire small business conspiracy BS. Yes, there are small businesses being run into the ground right now. But did any of you consider that some of us small business owners might be THRIVING thanks to the pandemic? My last quarter was my most profitable in 11 years of trading. Why? Because I updated my business plan and adapted to the situation. So stfu you conspiracy nut jobs - not all small businesses are being crippled 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

    Rated StrixRated Strix8 kun oldin
  • It's a plan to make ppl dependent on the govt. Its Socialism and it's now here with no checks and balances. They want the economy cut way down and they are using covid to do it.

    Renee SantiagoRenee Santiago9 kun oldin
  • Venice Beach is just encampments now??? Haven't been in years. Wtf

    ThelmaThelma9 kun oldin
  • Small businesses are the backbone of a capitalist system. Dems are trying to kill capitalism in oder to impose socialism more easily.

    RemoRemo9 kun oldin
  • They played it well with Rogan cause I know I don’t listen anymore. Bet the dems we’re behind the money Spotify gave him to reduce the number 1 podcast in the world cause joe was talking to Twitter girl and political people and stuff more and mote

    Robert HeckRobert Heck9 kun oldin
  • SocialISM distancing

    Teller of unfortunate TruthsTeller of unfortunate Truths9 kun oldin
  • remember those working in the restaurant are latinos and most white people don't care for their safety

    alex garciaalex garcia9 kun oldin
  • Why isn’t Covid wiping out the homeless if it’s so contagious as deadly?

    C MaddC Madd9 kun oldin
  • What I think people fail to realize is that the restaurant is the last good game in town. Meaning that a restaurant is it’s own little ecosystem that doesn’t allow regulations or overreach to stop everyone from thriving. Most of these places provide discounted or free food to their staff. There are restaurant owners that break the law with labor and tax evasion, they aren’t even close to the only businesses that break the law to gain profits. The owner of a restaurant doesn’t have to pay everyone a minimum wage if they are a tipped employee, a stipulation that makes restaurants possible, and something that 90+ % of those tipped employees wouldn’t want to change. In the tipped restaurant game if you make 15$ an hour it’s either a real slow place or you suck at your job. In a college town a student might work at 3 different places 8-20 hours a week, name a business that gives you a blank piece of paper and says write down your availability and we will give you shifts? Not many, the flexibility and self sustaining that restaurants provide for people is a threat to those that govern, a threat because too many people can be successful, opposed to just a small I don’t think a small business provides enough for the government to tax. But McDonald’s, Walmart, any other huge corporate player either pays lots of taxes or have deals worked out with the government. Also these employees don’t typically climb any sort of ladder that a restaurant can provide. Anyone who has restaurant experience can you tell you a story of a woman starting as a host that eventually became the general manager, the server or cook who saved enough to open their own restaurant. All of this is being removed, these are my theory’s on it, yours?

    Curtis RobertsCurtis Roberts9 kun oldin
  • Rogan and his democrat friends all voted for the socialist nonsense that corrupted California then these idiots move to other states when things get bad. Limo-Liberals like Joe are the problem and not the homeless

    thelastDANthelastDAN9 kun oldin
  • Is McDonald's shut?

    Biden Sniffs KidsBiden Sniffs Kids9 kun oldin
  • Perfect example of the frog being boiled alive. We get angry, they pull back just a bit, wait until we get used to the changes, then over reach again, we get angry, they pull back a tiny bit, rinse and repeat. We are freaking sheep.

    sgtkat69sgtkat699 kun oldin
    • Wouldn't that be boiling a sheep?

      georgiegeorgie9 kun oldin
  • California is Californication.

    Art LopesArt Lopes9 kun oldin
  • Restaurants are the most dangerous place you can go in regards to this virus, that is why. I sympathize with the owners who are just trying to make a living, this whole pandemic has been handled so poorly it's bordering on criminal. Restaurants need to be closed and the owners and employees need to be compensated for lost wages by the federal government to ensure compliance until we get the vaccine rolled out. We're so close to the finish line... but we need to have business and worker's backs far more than we have up until this point. Trump, McConnell and Pelosi have shit the bed on this one.

    jon Qjon Q9 kun oldin